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Bass Bow Trials

Trying out a bass bow from us here at the String Emporium is super easy and low key (just like our bass trials.)  We have the biggest and the best selection of premium bows of any one shop or bass specialist in the world.  It makes total sense to ship a nice selection to you to choose from where you live, with your own bass.

Generally, those ordering a Finale bow should just order one bow:  They all play incredibly well and amazingly similar.  So when you get your new Finale bow, it comes with the special Finale hard case (and rosin of your choice.)  It is difficult to put more than one bow in the special bow tube.  Still though, if you still want to try two bows, you can.  For our own String Emporium brand, Brazilwood bows (which are very well balanced, with similar playing weights) at $130, most folks only want to ship one out at time to save money.  Whatever you decide, shipping costs are non-refundable.

Our special terms on bass bow trials:

  • any bow from SE can be returned if you are not 100% satisfied. The customer has a liberal 5-day trial period.  You're not ever going to buy a bow and be "stuck" with it.  How this usually works: Say a bow arrives to you on Monday.  Then you have Tuesday, all the way to Sunday to decide on the bow.  The bow should promptly be sent back on the following Monday or Tuesday.  We don't try and "catch" you on the dates, but that gives a very liberal time period to try a bow out.  (The problem we have with longer periods is that too much rosin gets into the hair, or the bow can actually start to look a little used) so we keep it at 5 days.  (We're very nice about this policy and have never required anyone to buy a bow!
  • when we ship single bows out, we always charge the credit card.  When multiple bows are sent, we need only get an authorization that you are actually within your credit limit for the entire shipment  This is just to insure that they are coming back to us, though we have never, ever had anyone run off with a bow!
  • when trying the bows, the player/customer should take care to keep them clean and new (just use good common sense really!) so that when or if we get it back, we can just simply put it back into our stock selections
  • please don't 'goop' up the hair with too much rosin.  Excessive rosin gets "gooey" when it gets shipped back.  Still though, make sure you put enough rosin on the bow to make it work like it should.
  • When returning bow(s), please re-pack in the same container, style and manner by which the bows arrived. Remember to send them back fully insured.

Again, we try and make it really easy and simple to try bows.  We're players here and for the more expensive master bows, it makes great sense to try 2-4 at a time to single out the best one for you.  We make it easy to try bows and if need be, we don't mind you returning.  This way, you know you can relax and find the best "stick" for you and your bass.