Wan Bernadel Bass, Steve Laspina, 'Blueswalk'

We tried to record at least one blues tune for each bass. Here Steve lays down a great tune, called Blueswalk. (Chris Champion, guitar) While Steve actually plays on a Wan-Bernadel bass himself, this particular bass was one of a few that he chose from the day before the video recording. Thanks Steve!

Wan Bernadel Bass, Steve Laspina, 'Oleo'

'Oleo' is a "rhythm" tune that was written by Sonny Rollins, in 1954 and recorded with Miles Davis. Danish bassist, Neils-Henning Orsted Peterson, really put this one on the map for bass players when he recorded the tune with Joe Pass' record called: Chops! Steve Laspina keeps the chops tradition in true form with his rendition of Oleo. (Chris Champion, guitar.)

Wan Bernadel Bass, Steve Laspina, 'My Romance'

The tune, My Romance, is one of my all time favorite Jazz tunes and was specially requested. (Thank you Mr. Laspina and Mr. Champion!) I fell in love with this tune when would listen to the old, Bill Evans Trio (with Scott Lafaro), but whenever I hear another rendition of My Romance, I love it!

Wan Bernadel Bass, Steve Laspina, 'Falling Grace''

Falling Grace was written by bass player, Steve Swallow. It's a beautiful, spiritual tune, that has a lovely latin feel to it.

Wan Bernadel Solo Bass, Steve Laspina, 'Off the Cuff, Take 1'

Off the Cuff, is a tune that Steve composed and it's very loose structure opens the door for his own (on the spot) version of improvisational direction. We were supposed to only 'take one', but the more we listened to the two different takes, the more we hated to not share them both.

Wan Bernadel Solo Bass, Steve Laspina, 'Off the Cuff, Take 2'

(See Take 1!) Which you do you like the best?!

Wan-Bernadel, (Classical) Mike Kazepides, Bach Cello Suite (Bourees)

I am the lucky one that gets to hear and listen to Mr. Mike Kazepides play the bass almost daily. I sit right next to him in the Phoenix Symphony. (I know, I talk, way too much!) Here Mike plays the Bourees I and II, from the Bach Cello Suite (originally in C Major, but for bass players, this one is usually done in G Major). This is an often called for audition piece for most major orchestras. Mike shows how it is done!

G. B. Rogeri Bass, (Classical) Steve Koscica, Henry Eccles Sonata (1st mov't)

That's me, (the bald one) and I chose to play the Eccles Sonata, 1st movement in G minor. It is probably one of the best known classical bass solos that was made famous in the 1970's by bass soloist, Gary Karr. Through the years there has been many recordings and this is a solo that most students can't wait to start. Besides the Gary Karr recording, another really great one is with Edgar Meyer and Bela Fleck on the Banjo. It works!

Henry Eccles, lived between 1670-1742 and is firmly planted within the Baroque music era.

G. B. Rogeri Bass, (Jazz) Dwight Kilian, 'The Thumb'

We're graced in Phoenix with some really great musicians. Two great jazz bassists, Dwight Kilian and Warren Jones play here. Dwight plays the The Thumb (another blues tune) on our G.B Rogeri bass. This shows what happens when a great player is paired with a great bass! (Chris Champion, guitar)

G. B. Rogeri Bass, (Jazz) Dwight Kilian, 'Someday My Prince Will Come'

Dwight plays another great standard (SMPWC) and really shows off our Rogeri...again!

Thompson Hybrid (RM-200), Warren Jones, 'Alice in Wonderland'

Warren Jones the 3rd complement that nicely rounded out our jazz bass performers. You can really see and hear the different approach taken with these individuals. Warren, a little softer approach, but man, does he have something to say. Plays another Jazz waltz, 'Alice in Wonderful'. (Chris Champion, guitar)

Thompson Hybrid (RM-200), Warren Jones, ''Softly As A Morning Sunrise"

Warren plays another great jazz standard 'Softly As A Morning Sunrise' with Chris Champion on guitar. This shows off the balance and tone spectrum of our Thompson Hybrid Bass. A nice "solid" sounding bass.

Thompson Hybrid (RM-200) (Classical), Barry Olson, "Capuzzi Concerto, 1st movement''

Barry Olson, is a colleague, dear friend and after almost 40 years, recently retired as principal double bassist of the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra. Barry is teaching in the Mesa Public Schools now and dedicates this excerpt of the Capuzzi Concerto for his students and all the young classical students studying this piece.

Thompson Plywood Bass (RM-100), Warren Jones, 'All Blues'

The Miles Davis tune 'All Blues' is a bass tune! Well...not really, but every bass player (both jazz and classical ) know this one! Most bass dealers hear this more often than probably any other bass line. Warren shows us his personal version. I love it! It's nice that everyone can hear how full, and "big" the RM-100 Basses sound. Warren shows off that nice, Thompson E string growl and at the same time, how even it plays all the way up the neck. (Chris Champion, guitar)

Thompson Plywood (RM-100), Warren Jones, 'Have You Met Miss Jones''

This is another tune that Niels Henning played a lot with guitar players. Warren and Jones, again remind us how well this tunes works with upright bass and guitar.

Thompson Plywood Blonde (RM-100), Joe Fick (Rockabilly-Superman!)'

Just calling or referring to Joe Fick as another Rockabilly upright bass player... just won't cut it. Joe IS Superman! Joe plays with a band in Memphis called the Dempseys and has more chops on the slap, rockabilly style than any another player on the planet. Steel strings, for Joe, are Kryptonite! Joe uses natural gut strings (a wound, gut E), with gut A, D and G. No cats were killed for this Video.

Thompson Plywood Blonde (RM-100), Joe Fick (Rockabilly-Superman) Take 2!

Here is another one by Joe. Similar, but just different enough to want to check out! See more Thompson Plywoods basses.

Finale Bass Bow Demo, Steve Koscica

Me again, this time I chose my Vincenzo Corain Italian bass (c. 1848) and my rare, Percivial Wilfred Bryant bow. (PW Bryant). I must admit: I am spoiled! Bryant bows, are much sought after French style bows. A PW Bryant bow usually fetches between $4-7k. This one I think matches by Italian quite well, but when I play the Finale, look out! I keep it simple: I play the opening passage from Beethoven's Recitative (from his 9th symphony) on my Bryant and then the same passage on my new Finale. (Both bows have equally new hair on them). It there is no real big difference, (other than the fact that the Finale bows cost only $340). In the 2nd comparison, I play a G major, 2 octave scale. Here one can also hear how the Finale Bow really 'draws out' the sound on my bass.

Sorry, the Bass is not for sale!

Émile Gillet Cello, Jan Simiz, Bach 3rd Cello Suite (Prelude)

Jan Simiz is the perfect player to show off the tonal spectrum and personality of the Emile Gillet Cellos. Like Jan, these cellos are larger than life! Beautifully hand crafted in the centuries old traditions of instrument making, with a professional quality at an affordable price.

Thompson Cello, Laurie Stearns Selby, 'The Swan' by Camille St. Saëns

What better way to show off the expressive and musical qualities of a cello, than with The Swan! This work is by far, one of the most popular and well known solos played on the cello. It is beautiful and shows off our Thompson Cellos. The Thompsons are well made, beautiful cellos and sound...incredible.