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Eugene Levinson's 'School of Agility' Double Bass BookEugene Levinson School of Agility

Here is another super useful book for those that want and need to practice scales and of course learn a good system of fingerings to achieve the most effective system for maximum ease and dexerity.  Once a player solidifies a 'system' or two, their playing will really 'take-off' in that they will easily recognise patterns, both visually and by muscle memory.  This is a significant book and is more exhaustive and substantial than say, Morton's "Miraculous Scale Fingerings" book. 

For many years Mr. Levinson was the principal bass player with the New York Philharmonic and quite a great player for sure not ot mention that he's had tons of very successful students.  He definitely has his own system or playing and his students pretty much all learn this 'school' and scale patterns.  He has these GREAT arpeggio ideas and fingerings.  Eugene also has a way of thinking out of the box:  One great example of this is when  you see and hear a good player playing the Mozart symphony excerpts higher up the neck where the note spacings are closer (perhaps easier to reach) some even in thumb positioning!  Super clean, and "easy", is one of Eugene's typical fingering. This book has every key and a distinct fingering for major and minor scales etc... Over 240 pages worth of practice here!  This is just another worthwhile book that any serious player or student to keep and include in their practice routine.  You won't want to play out of this book all day, but you'd simply pick a key (say...for a week) and practice his scale fingerings until you can play it effortlessly. After a while, you'll forget what fingerings you use, but you'll notice you're doing it!!  This is one of those books that can really help make your playing more solid and you'll certainly start to (almost subconsciously) recognize scale patterns that you did (first slowly) then, with lots of "Agility"!

Order The School of Agility book here: