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Full Size Cellos

Getting a new cello or even your first full-size cello is an exciting event!  With the vast amount of 4/4 cellos in which to choose from, we hope to better acquaint you with what to look for in a good instrument.  If you have been playing a "fractional" cello (3/4) until now, you will quickly learn that for the full-size versions, there are more models to choose from, better quality and of course, a much bigger range in price.  It's important with such variety in the market place, to get good value for your shopping dollars.

Full-size cellos come in a variety of shapes (or in other words, "models".)  By far the most popular (and really, most successful) model is by Stradivarius (a "Strad" model).  Over the years (300 or so), it has proven to be the 'vehicle' that accommodates the player's tonal needs and still keep it at a size that is manageable.  That is, not being too big or physically too demanding while at the same time, deliver a big, projecting sound.

Construction of a full size cello can vary, but more than likely they will have spruce wood tops, maple necks, and maple sides and back.  The fingerboards will of course be ebony as well as the tailpieces.  (Some nicer cellos also use plastic Wittner tailpieces that actually help change the tonal capacity of the instrument.)  Sometimes the smallest changes, can make the biggest differences in sound.

It's also important to be able to try out the prospective cello in your own home environment in which you are still familiar with your (acoustical) surroundings. 

More about the Emile Gillet cellos.  The 'EG' cellos are quickly becoming known for their high level of craftsmanship and tonal range.  The Gillets are made in Beijing, China and sound and perform like many other much more expensive cellos.  While they are exquisitely made, even the varnishes on them look 'old world'.  In addition to the cellos, we offer the popular Bobelock cello case as part of our package.  When buying a new full-size cello, get one that is made well and gives you a lot for your money.  Give us a call or email us to arrange to have one of our fine cellos sent to your door.  We offer great value and a relaxed trial period.