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Giovani Battista Rogeri Basses
(Italian model, $8,500)
Wan-Bernadel Deluxe Basses
(French model, $8,500)
Basses Under $3,000: Thompson Plywoods, Hybrids, Emile Gillet, starting at $1,485
Bass Bows Overview
Glasser Fiberglass Bass Bows, $93
String Emporium brand Brazilwood Bass Bows, $175
Dörfler Brazilwood Bass Bows, $275
Finale Carbon Fiber bows, $355 with case and rosin
String Emporium Brand Pernambuco Bows, $570
Metropolitan Carbon Fiber bass bows, $939
Otto Dürrschmidt, $950-1,890
W. Dörfler "Select" bass bow, #18 level, $850
Steffen Kuhnla, shop made bass bow, $1.185
Steffen Kuhnla master bows, $1785
Egidius Dörfler, master bow, 4 star premier level, $1,750
Jens Paulus master bow, $2,500
Bernd & Michael Dolling, $2,500
Reid Hudson bass bows, $4,500
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Upright Bass Bows

With our ever expanding selection and stock of quality bass bows, it made sense to display an easy to read chart or table to quickly view the wide range of materials used, makers and prices.  To make it easier, we list by price starting with the lowest price on down to the higher priced bows.  Price does not directly equate the playability or usefulness of a bow.  For example, the Finale® bows at only $355 not only come with a hard case and rosin of your choosing, but they play and handle like many of our $2,000 bows!

All of these bows offer a special and unique value.  By clicking the maker's name, you can go directly to that designated page for more information about the bow and to also order one.

Some thoughts about choosing a bow:  Again, we offer much more detailed information on each bow's designated page, but to be honest, it is often comes down the price range of the player looking for a new bow.  All of our bows now are specially ordered with similar dimensions and weights that we (as players) need on a good, useful bow.  We won't sell you a super long German type bow shaft with French frogs!  These don't work and we won't sell them.  Our French bows are modeled from and copies of the original, famous French makers: We usually offer a longer or shorter length (both are acceptable professional type lengths), but with masculine wide tips for strength and bows that will not collapse out at the tip.  ALL of our bows, no matter the price, must have playability, balance, made from good quality materials and last through a lifetime of use.  Should there be any other kind of bow?

Every bow should last a long, long time through many years of use with multiple re-hairings.  The frogs will never crack, shrink or fall apart internally as a result of bad workmanship. 

How to buy a bow?  Again, so much is about price range.  If you only have $250 to spend on a good bow, it's a no brainer:  get a nice String Emporium Brazilwood French or German bow.  We now use the new Ebontek ebony frogs. (They are a "green" material), but  you cannot tell them apart from the best quality ebony (as you'll find on a $4,000 bow!).  While it is made from wood material and resins, it behaves far better then wood.

Wherever you see a blue hyperlink (name of maker) you can click that name and be taken to that particular page.  For makers that have different levels of bows (like Dörfler), we still keep separate pages for that level of bow.  Lastly, you can simply buy a bow by ordering it on its designated page.  For bows in the higher range, players can also arrange to get 2 or 3 bows for a 5 day trial period.  To do this, simply call us (800-600-2689 or 480-785-5491) to arrange it. (About our 5 day bass bow trial offer.)

Talk to Steve (the bass player owner) about what about your needs and price range:  He knows bows and just by talking with him and telling him about your bass, your playing,, etc...he will get you in a close proximity with what will work nicely for you personally.   There is no other shop or order catalog like ours that will pre-evaluate and hand pick suitable bows to such a high level for individual players.

Bow Material French  German Name of Maker Price
Fiberglass X X Glasser $93.00
Brazilwood with the new Ebontek frog! X X Made exclusively for String Emporium $175
Brazilwood X X Dorfler Brazilwood Bass Bows made in Germany $250
Carbon Fiber X X Finale® Carbon Fiber bass bows, includes hard case and rosin $355
Pernambuco with German Silver X X String Emporium exclusive brand bass bow $775
Carbon Fiber X X Metropolitan $939
Pernambuco with German Silver X X Dorfler "Select" bass bow, #18 level $850
Pernambuco with German Silver X X Steffen Kuhnla, shop made bass bow $1,185
Pernambuco with Sterling Silver X X Steffen Kuhnla (master bow made by Kuhnla's hands) $1,785
Pernambuco with Sterling Silver X X Egidius Dorfler, master bow, 4 star premier level $1,750
Pernambuco with Sterling X X Jens Paulus master bow $2,500
Pernambuco with Sterling X X Bernd & Michael Dolling $2,500
Pernambuco with Sterling X X Reid Hudson bass bows $4,000-4,500