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Pernambuco Upright Bass Bows

Like our very own Brazilwood upright bass bows, we now offer the very same models in pernambuco wood.  Only the best and finest bows are made from pernambuco and we personally hand pick and buy our raw bow blank stock from Canadian bass bow maker, Mr. Reid Hudson.  The quality, workmanship and playability of our pernambuco bass bows is unrivaled in this price range.  While the materials make the bows more expensive, they compare to bows that are much higher in price (looking in the $1,500-2,500 range). ** Special note for all of our pernambuco bows here:  Call us and tell us more about what bass you play, strings and what your goals are with the bow.  That can make a real difference in which bow we choose for you!  Email us here.  Price of any pernambuco bow here $750.  Customers can also take advantage of our special packaged deal when buying one of our pernambuco bows. 

French upright bass bows:

The Francois Tourte model, French style, perambuco upright bass bow, is in the round style and is 67.5 cm. long. They average around 135 grams.  The bow is made and finished in the traditional Tung-oil with good, faux English whale-bone wrapping, with solid one-piece silver adjusters (some come with 3 piece sliver-ebony-silver buttons). $770.  Again, price includes a fiberglass bow case and choice of rosin. (for rosin choices, see the Upright Bass Bows page again.) Also, on the Tourte model here, notice the "squareness" of the frog whereas the Peaccatte has a more rounded style.

Click on any image here for a larger, more detailed image.

Tourte upright bass bow model Tourte upright bass bow model

The Charles Peccatte, French style, pernumbuco upright bass bow is a slightly shorter than the Tourte bow at around 66cm. These bows are special with their cross section, elliptical shape and are probably our most popular model French upright bass bow.  They average around the same weight of about 134-136 grams. $770.  The Peccatte model shown here has a more rounded frog and a beautiful curly grain.

Peccatte upright bass bow model Peccatte upright bass bow model Peccatte upright bass bow model

German upright bass bows:

Here is the H.R. Pfretzchner pernambuco German style bow upright bass bow.  We copied these exactly like the originals: Elegantly rounded ebony frogs that fit in the the hand, purposely done in the plain (without a pearl dot or eye) and like the original Pfretzschner. No wrapping used on these bows either.  Same tung-oil finish, with a long, ebony adjuster. $770.

Click on the image to see the larger, more detailed view (super nice grain on this one too!)

Pfretzchner upright bass bow model Pfretzchner upright bass bow model

String Emporium brand, Pernambuco nbsp;Bow Models $770  includes free shipping USA

International customers outside of USA, we ship everywhere.  You can simply select your item and the shopping cart will say how much shipping is for your destination.

Pernambuco Peccatte (Elliptical)


Pernambuco Tourte (round and longer model).  


Pernambuco H.R. Pfretzchner German model  


Special packages only available with bow purchases: 

We offer THREE special packaged deals when buying a new bow from us!  You can select a combination of bow case and rosin, a Kolstein bow quiver and rosin or a combination of all three: quiver, bow case and rosin.  Read about our special bow accessory packages here.
 Bow Packaged Deal Price
1. String Emporium Deluxe Bow Case and Rosin $65.00
Bow Case Model :
Rosin :
2. String Emporium Bow Quiver and Rosin $45.00
Bow Quiver Color :
Rosin :
3. String Emporium Deluxe Bow Case, S.E.Quiver and Rosin (saves $54) $90.00
Bow Case Model :
Bow Quiver Color :
Rosin :