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Bernd & Michael Dölling, Bass bows

As is so typical of fine craftsman in Germany, the Dolling family has been making fine upright double bass bows for more than a century, with several generations of bow makers.  Today, we have father Bernd and his son Michael (born 1968) specializing in bass bows.  Although not exclusively, Bernd tends to make most of the French models and Michael, the German model.  These are fantastically made and play beautifully. 

Bernd Dölling French Sartory model bass bow:

The French bow measures 26 3/8" from tip to end of butt (frog end), but does not include the silver adjuster.  The width of the hair coming from the  tip measures 14mm across (or about 9/16") and the frog end (ferrule) width 19mm (5/8").  It is a very balanced and easy bow to play.  Here at String Emporium, we try to stay with simple elegant traditions:  It has a pearl eye with silver ring.  The pearl inlays are all beautiful Abalone shell.  The bow pictured weighs 139 grams.  It gives the bass an added depth dimension.  This Dölling, like the Dörfler and Paulus bows that we carry are specially ordered and made for us by the Döllings and are at the highest level of professional bass bows. $2,750 each.

Click on the photos for much large and more detailed image:


Michael Dölling German Bass Bow:

Like the French bow, the German model is simple, yet very beautiful in the way it is made and plays.  The wood Dölling uses is only the hardest, most dense wood one can find. 

Again, we prefer their H.R. Pfretzchner model.  The bow has a nice rounded bottom on the frog.  The length of the frog base (where is slides on the shaft) is 2 5/8".  The maximum height is approximately 1 3/4" high. The fittings are again simple as is the German tradition. No winding around the shaft (near the frog), by it does have a very elegant Sterling silver ring on the ebony adjuster and a slightly longer ferrule.  Another beautiful bow by Dölling!  This one also 138 grams.


Here is a great example of how modern bow makers copy the best bows that not only matches the quality of workmanship and playability, but exceeds it.

Click on the photos for much large and more detailed image:


About ordering:  Customers can easily call and order by phone or to try one of these (or a combination) of bows from String Emporium, 800-600-2689 or 480-785-5491.  Ask for Steve, as he's the bow snob here! We will not offer any bows in the shopping cart if they are out of stock.  If you simply want to order and buy one here, you can.  As long as you see it available here...it is!  We try to never sell or take orders for anything 'Out of Stock' here.

  Bow Model $2,750 plus $70 shipping is $2,820 total for shipping within USA.  
Bernd Dölling Sartory model French bow  

  $2,820 shipping included

Michael Dölling, Pfretzchner German model  

$2,820 shipping included


For International customers delivering outside of USA:

  Bow Model $2,750 plus shipping 

International customers outside of USA, we ship everywhere.  You can simply select your item and the shopping cart will say how much shipping is for your destination.

Bernd Dölling Sartory model French bow  


Michael Dölling, Pfretzchner German model  



Special packages only available with bow purchases: 

We offer THREE special packaged deals when buying a new bow from us!  You can select a combination of bow case and rosin, a Kolstein bow quiver and rosin or a combination of all three: quiver, bow case and rosin. 

Read about our special bow accessory packages here.

 Bow Packaged Deal Price
1. String Emporium Deluxe Bow Case and Rosin, $55
Bow Case Model :
Bow Case Color :
Rosin :
2. String Emporium Bow Quiver and Rosin, $35 $45.00
Bow Quiver Color :
Rosin :

3. String Emporium Deluxe Bow Case, S.E. Quiver and Rosin (saves $54)

Bow Case Model :
Bow Case Color :
Rosin :
Bow Quiver Color :

Customers can arrange to try a combination of bows from different makers and price ranges.  When we ship out, we simply 'authorize' your credit card (much like they would at a hotel) and then simply ship and wait to hear back. Our bow trial is 5 days.  We feel that that is certainly plenty of time, it also helps us keep the bows clean and new looking.