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Finale® Upright Bass Bows

We are very proud to offer Finale bass bows. A professional quality carbon fiber bow, at an incredibly affordable price, yet holds its own with some with bows 4X's the price.  These bows are made out of specially formulated carbon graphite weave, with a small kevlar core mixture that helps stabilize the balance and playing action of the bow.  The frogs are now being made from a new exclusive proprietary frog material, Ebontek.  We use the best Mongolian horse tail hair on all of our bows.  All these 'ingredients' matter, to make a great playing, professional quality bass bow!

Finale® upright bass bows, $365 including premium bow case and rosin:

What makes these bows so crazy great?  These are very impressive in that if the player closes his/her eyes...the feel, weight, balance and playability of the bow feels incredibly close to some very expensive bass bows.

They are incredibly well balanced.   As a player, I have to admit that at first, I was a little skeptical...and a little snobby, but when I first used one on my bass at symphony hall, I (as well as the rest of the bass section), were all in a state of shock.  It simply draws more sound out of the bass and like a great 'master' bow, grips the string from end to end.  It feels like a really nice Pernambuco bow, but it's black (and now brown) and it's carbon fiber!!  All of the Finale brand bows, come with a lifetime warranty.   Why does "balance" matter?  By playing on a very balanced bow, the player does not have to change or adopt to the weight distribution and at the same time, if the bow is super balanced, it makes the bow far easier when playing on alternate string crossings and with fast, detache' bowing.  It's agile, but yet 'draws' the sound out of the bass.

Read what some are saying about the new Finale upright bass bow testimonials.

The Finale® French, upright bass bow is 66.5 cm long and they average around 137 grams. (ranging between 134-140)  The camber (bend) of both the German and French models, are direct copies of the most sought after 'master' bows and they just work!  A notable attraction on the Finale French bass bows, is the Abalone pearl dot on the frog with the 'Parisian eye' or silver ring which surrounds the dot. (A nice added touch of elegance here where they combine the new technology to the old and beautiful traditions!)  The price is right too: $365 (professional case and rosin included!) 

The Finale French model carbon fiber bass bow: (click on any photo to get the larger, more detailed image)

Finale, carbon fiber upright bass bow Finale, carbon fiber upright bass bow Finale, carbon fiber upright bass bow

The Finale™ German bows have a nicely shaped ebony frog that seems to fit nicely into the average size hand.  Again, it's rounded aroudn the heel of the frog quite like the famous older, Pfretzschners.  The frogs are purposely left plain and the bow is without wrapping as well. The length is 69.5 cms.  The under-slide (by the hair in the frog) also has the Abalone pearl.  Another special added touch is that the bow adjusters on the German model are solid ebony, not plastic. They are beautiful upright bass bows and play like $3,000 sticks!  (The German upright bass bows are also $340 ( also with case and rosin included).

Finale, German upright bass bow Finale, German upright bass bow Finale, German upright bass bow

Some recent improvements:

After many years of offering only the solid or weave pattern black finish, we now offer a new brown weave pattern bow. Not only is the finish different, but the actual type and technological specs of the carbon fiber material andFinale Brown Carbon Fiber Bow manufacturing process is slightly different.  We get a slightly stiffer bow (not always good, but in this case, it is), and gives the bow a little more 'pop' at the beginning of the note and we noticed, more power!  Funny, to be honest, Steve (the owner) simply wanted a richer looking brown colored 'stick' to carry out on stage to blend in with all the other pernambuco colored bows on either side. Surprisingly, we found a very special Japanese company that makes a unique weave fiber that actually made the bow better looking and playing.  Some of the best inventions were first, an accident!  Steve, only wanted brown, but after first trying 6 different carbon fiber composites, tried this one as an after thought and here we are with this great (brown) bow that plays and looks incredible.  The brown bows also have an attractive gold logo that stands out nicely. Our apologies on the slightly higher price as the brown 'boutique' Japanese import costs us double on material cost, with added labor.   $400 (with case and rosin).

"THE" Finale package: 

Both the Finale German and French models come in solid black, black weave or brown weave.  With each order, we include a professional quality bow case and your choice of premium rosin. 

Both the Satin Black or Black Weave bows sell for $365 plus shipping, whereas the Brown Weave bows are $400.  Here, you can first choose your model (French or German), then the color finish and then your rosin.  Our Finale bow cases are exclusively made for us by Bobelock, the best bow cases in the world.  It's quite a deal.

Order here if you are delivering anywhere within the USA:  Shipping is $20

Bow Model: $365-400
Type of Finish:
Rosin Choice:

Order here if you are delivering outside of USA, including Canada:  Shipping is $65 
Bow Model: $365-400
Type of Finish:
Rosin Choice:

Customers please note: Upon checkout, our shopping cart, regardless of color or bow model, will always show the same photo of a FRENCH bow model.   The description in your order receipt will re-confirm your model choice and color in the shopping cart.

Included with each new Finale bow, our exclusive case by Bobelock: click photo for larger image

Finale Bow Case 

Another Finale Bass Video

There are 2 really great videos comparing the Finale bow to another great (expensive) bow.  One of the best known videos is found on Jason Heath's Double Bassblog. The other newer one is found on the upright bass videos page here.  (On this page, there are a lot of performances, but you can find the Finale Demo towards the bottom of the page.)

On our video, Steve plays his Italian bass and a very rare (and expensive) PW Bryant bow. The Bryant is by the famous English bow maker of the 1960's (not to be confused with the contemporary, present day English bass maker, also named Paul Bryant.  The PW Bryant bows average about $6,000 nowadays, but you will see a range of between $4-7k.  On the video, I don't talk too much, (I was nervous!), but I play an A - B comparison of a couple of excerpts so one hear any difference.  They match pretty closely and I think the Finale pulls away in the lead towards the end of the video.   You can hear the fullness that it pulls out of the bass.  The point of the video is to show that while the Finale bows are only $365, they perform and actually compete with the best and most expensive hand made bows out there.