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Otto Dürrschmidt, Bass bowsUwe & Cindy Durrschmidt

We now offer fine bass bows by the Otto Dürrschmidt family.   Similar to our other German makers(Steffen) Kuhnla and Dorfler, these too are made to our exact specifications.  Also, quite indigenous to the German fine tradesmen tradition, these bows follow a long family history of bow making, emanating with Otto (the founder) since 1894.  As is still common today, a highly specialized trade is passed down through multiple generations of family members: grandfathers, to fathers, to sons and daugters to extend and keep the family tradition thriving.  Here we have some really great bows made by Uwe and daughter Cindy. 

More about the Dürrschmidt bows and our exclusive models:

First about the German models. One thing we never want to do is tell the Germans how to make their German bows!  We simply confirm our desired weight and balance points, but let them go 'do what they do'.  You'll see three levels of German bows and 3 levels of French bows.   These too, as just about every good German bow out there, follow the famous Pfretschner German bow in length, weight and feel.  (Notice the frogs have a slight roundness towards the bottom.)  If you measure from the very tip to the butt end of the pernambuco stick (not included the tightening adjuster), they are 28 3/16" and with the adjuster, the complete length of bow is 30 9/16".  Notice too, small little things like the beautifully upgraded Abalone mother of pearl slides on all of their bows made for us!  These tend to weigh between 137-142 grams.  All of our special order Dürrschmidt bows have an octagonal shape.

There are 3 distinct levels here.  You'll notice that with Dürrschmidt, he will designate his 3 levels by how many stars are stamped on his bows.  First, all of his bows have the family crest (coat of arms) stamp on the frog.  Then above the frog he will stamp "Otto Dürrschmidt" and depending which level will have just a plain stamp with no star, then a 2 star and 3 stars designate is best, highest grade.

What's the difference between the 3 levels?  They ALL have the same quality workmanship, all use good quality pernambuco.  The weights are similar as well.  What makes them different then?  Before makers select the pernambuco to make a bow, they test and grade the quality and density of the wood.  This is VERY important.  Only the best bows can be made using the highest quality and most dense wood. The most desired pernambuco only comes from a small part of the pernambuco tree, whereas most of the other wood in the tree (still quite good), will be designated for less expensive models.  So each level here (just the brand alone with no star, a 2 star and then 3 star) will have been graded accordingly in the beginning stage.  Also, the fittings and types of metals used will only go on the best bows.   The quality/density of the pernambuco wood makes a huge difference in material cost and quality of performance.

The 3 star bows are made with the BEST pernambuco wood.  With a higher density (harder) wood, the maker can make the bow more supple and more responsive by having a "skinnyier" bow without having to sacrifce the weight (ie. more dense, means heavier).  This way, you have the fullness of sound (for the biggest, fattest sound with the desired weight) but with a super supple and responsive bow.  It doesn't get any better than that!

Here's the 3 star Pfretschner model Dürrschmidt bow. Steve (owner) likes some to have the nice Sterling ring around the adjuster.  $1,845  (Of course, we ship bows out for trial. Read about our bow trial policy.)  Order the 3 star Dürrschmidt bow here.

Otto Dürrschmidt 3-Star German bow, $1,890

Durrschmidt Upright Bass Bow Tip Durrschmidt Bass Bow frog
  Durrschmidt German Bass Bow underslide

A 2-Star Dürrschmidt German bow, $1,295

Durrschmidt German Bass Bow Tip Durrschmidt German Bass Bow
  Durrschmidt German Bass Bow underslide

Quality pernambuco, Otto Dürschmidt (no star) $950


Otto Dürrschmidt French Bass Bows

Most French bow players will often notice that our all of our French bows (regardless of maker) are different and better than any other comparable contemporary French style bows offered around the world.  This is Steve's (owner), speciality.  For decades, even while the Germans have the best workermanship and quality, their French bows more resembled long German bows, with French frogs on them, rather than what one would normally expect on a really great French (Sartory) bow.  Our makers have been super receptive and have gladly modeled and copied their bows to the great French masters:  A slightly wider hair width, shorter in length, weights that average between 134-140 and similar cuts and balance points as the French masters.  Also, important for balance is the length of bow at the butt end, after the frog length.  On the most expensive French Vigneron and Sartory bows, they tend to have a more normal shorter length, extending after the frog.  They look better (like a French bow looks!) and the fulcrum balance in the hand is way more balanced this way.  Like the German models above, these too come in the 3 distinct price levels.  The length from tip to butt end (without adjuster) is 26 5/8" and with the adjuster included, 27 1/2".  These are the same exact lengths as the longer Kuhnla models (that we also offer) and the famous Sartory bow models that were made by now retired, Reid Hudson.  These French bows are beautiful!  Steve here again: "It's the small things like a nice finish (chestnut brown), the beautiful Abalone pearl underslide, and most of all, that 'feel' that we all look for in a good bow....they work!"

How to try one of these now?  We now have the largest selection and range of bass bows found anywhere in the world.  With such a range and selection, it is not uncommon for a player to ship 1-3 bows to try.  Once you find the one you like, you then ship the remaining bow(s) back.  Customers pay shipping both ways here.

Otto Dürrschmidt 3-Star French bow, $1,890

Durrschmidt French Bass Bow Tip Durrschmidt French Bass Bow Frog
  Durrschmidt French Bass Bow Underslide

2-Star Dürrschmidt French bow, $1,395


Durrschmidt French Bass Bow Tip Durrschmidt French Bass Bow Frog
  Durrschmidt French Bass Bow Underslide

 Quality pernambuco, Otto Dürschmidt French (no star) $950


Durrschmidt French Bass Bow

For International customers delivering outside of USA:

While we normally like to offer free shipping to USA customers, international is a bit more tricky.  Here, the shopping cart will automatically calculate the charges for you.  Usually, this works quite well, but if you encounter any problems ordering, simply email us and we email you back the exact cost before your purchase.

Bow Model :
Price Level :

Special package only available with bow purchases: 

We offer this special packaged deal when buying a new bow from us!  Read about our special bow accessory packages here.
 Bow Packaged Deal Price
1. String Emporium Deluxe Bow Case and Rosin $65.00
Bow Case Model :
Rosin :
2. String Emporium Bow Quiver and Rosin $45.00
Bow Quiver Color :
Rosin :
3. String Emporium Deluxe Bow Case, S.E.Quiver and Rosin (saves $54) $90.00
Bow Case Model :
Bow Quiver Color :
Rosin :

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