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Upright Bass Wheel

This is our new String Emporium upright bass wheel for $88.  We liked the practicality of this specially made, soft, non-inflated cushy tire much better than the inflatable type.String Emporium Upright Bass Wheel  They are just perfect for the exact amount of shock absorption needed for the bass when moving along on bumpy sidewalks or streets.   This is so important: too much shock will eventually over time shake the endpin block loose on the bass.

Click on photo or upright bass wheel to get larger image.

Firm, easy to use and stroll with, but not too soft that it might create drag or too clumsy.  While they are more money, we still chose them over the pneumatic (air) type because they will always maintain the same pressure feel and protection, plus they will never leak or go flat.  Just super reliable.

This upright bass wheel will fit any standard, 10mm endpin shaft.  Incidentally, 10mm endpins are pretty standard these days.  Almost all basses use a 10mm shaft size: Götz, Ullsa, Onyx, etc... even the cheaper Chinese basses tend to all use a 10mm.

How this bass wheel works:

You simply take out your endpin and put the wheel in the same hole and tighten as you would your endpin.  You can change or fix any angle you like on this wheel and once you do, with rigid lock nuts, will hold firm indefinitely.  Personally, I like to push the bass directly in front of me with the back of the bass in front and the back of the neck leaning backward, almost resting on my collarbone.  Some of my other 'bass brethren' prefer the sideways or 3/4 angle.  Whatever the case may be, you can fool around with that and fix whatever angle you like. 

Why this is the best upright bass wheel:

  • Solid, USA Du-Bro® tires made with special dense air-foam rubber that feels like deluxe pnuematic tire, but will not wear out after many years hard use
  • Shock absorbing rubber, yet will never go flat, leak or need air inflation
  • Changeable and adjustable wheel angle
  • Very solid, well made finish on thick, heavy duty, hardened steel
  • Attractive chrome finish
  • 10mm endpin shaft size (fits most all basses)
  • This wheel will not damage your bass like the bass covers that have wheels at the bottom will.

The SE Upright Bass Wheel, is just right.  At $88, it will not be the cheapest bass wheel out there, but it's the best quality and just a smart wheel to use.  This will give many, many years of heavy use.

Order a Bass Wheel, $88 (Free Shipping in USA):