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Musilia Cello Case, S3

The Musilia lightweight cello case, S3 is THE case to buy if you are looking for a premium quality, professional level (lightweight) cello case.  There is no other case in the world for this price range, that delivers the same quality or weight class for what you can get in the S3. 

These only weight 5.5 lbs.  Please, don't ask for one with wheels!!!  There is no such thing with a case this light.  Once you have a case this light you will never even think of wheels ever again.  A case this light, while still as protective as any other cello case, is a dream to use.  Cellists (both young and old) can really pay a hefty price for physical problems of carrying heavy cases.  Less taxation on the limbs and skeletal muscles will greatly reduce the over use kind of soreness that one often experiences when combined with playing, carrying and playing, playing and carrying etc... well, you get the idea.

The only real questions that the typical cello player is asking now is first, should they pay this much for a cello case and how do these Musilia cases compare to the other big named cases? Again, you get the most bang for your buck with these cases!  We would rather not put side by side comparisons because of obvious legal restrictions, but when we compared the Musilia cases to the most expensive cello cases (the lightest and strongest), the Musilia remained the best deal and in our opinion made at the same high standard if not higher.

Here are some photos of a nice S3 Transblue finished case.  The S2's look exactly as these do. Again, the only difference between the S3's and the S2's is 2 lbs.  All else being the same.  The S1's do not come in the carbon (trans finishes). 

Call for our low price, 800-600-2689 (480-785-5491)

Musilia S2 and S3 Cello Cases

(Click on any photo for a larger more detailed image.)