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Cello Cases - Bobelock, Eastman, BAM, Musilia, Accord and Janson

Welcome to our String Emporium Cello Cases page. Here we don't offer everything one can possibly buy in the way of cello cases, but we chose the best for each price range and category (type) of cello case. In the old days, there weren't that many options for cello cases. For many years, it was a wooden veneer covered in vinyl that weighed an absolute ton! Then, fiberglass cases came along. They were heavy, but not as much as the older wooden ones. Eventually manufacturers would streamline a case, add some other needed option with it and you'd have a slightly lighter, more useful case.

Where do you buy your cello strings from???  The best deals on cello strings anywhere. See the special combined cello sets (Spirocore/Larsen) and save money.

With with the new manufacturing processes and advancements in fiberglass/Composites aero-space industry, high tech advances such as pre-pregging (resins) to make them super light weight and durable, have now added to a completely new class of the super lightweight cases. Here we try and carry the best cello case, for the best price and "class" of case. By "class" of case, we mean student level on up to very professional (more expensive) cases. Click on any highlighted brand name for their respective page.

Cello Case Table of Contents:

Case type: Description Price range
Molded Fiberglass Janson hard cello case with wheels.  These are fantastic, intermediate cello cases and very affordable. (These cases include "Free Shipping")
Sorry, these are sold out, and will not be offered here again.
Molded Fiberglass Bobelock brand, Lightweight (11-14 lbs) super durable and affordable, stands up to lots of abuse.  The wheels are very popular and useful. $345 - 399
Molded Fiberglass Eastman Ztek and CL 18 cases, pretty much same weight as Bobelock.  
Molded fiberglass with lighter material sandwiched between. Light Weight Bam cases. Very popular cases. Built well, but more expensive and sometimes long waits on stock for these! We offer 3 of their most popular cello cases:  Hightech 2.9 Slim case, the Newtech and ever popular, Classic case. We offer very competitive prices on these, please call for price. $724-2,220
Thermoplast technology, super strong, super light Gewa Air 3.9 Cello cases.  These new cello cases are made with the new Thermoplast technology, from Germany.  $1,194
Super lightweight case. 5-7.5 lbs each depending on model. Musilia Cello Cases. These cases are new, but truly THE new case to get now. They are very well made and very high tech in using the best fabricated, pre-pregged carbon fiber casing. These make a stiff, protective shell, but very, very light. You will be spoiled with this case. Not meant for small kids because they are so light, that the kids tend to sling them around too easily (there IS a cello inside afterall!) For mature high school students, college and professional players, this is a great case for you. It is much healthier (over the years) carrying lightweight cases around. Even though these may seem high in price, comparing apples to apples, they are a way better deal. For similar lightweight cases (in the Accord, Ultra Bam or Brack brands) the Musilia cases offer the same quality in workmanship, but way more affordable.  Please call for our very competitive prices! (800-600-2689) $1,026 - 2,070
Super lightweight, hightechnology, 4.9-7.5 lbs depending on model. Accord Cello CaseWe offer 3 Accord Cello cases: the Hybrid model which combines both materials of fiberglass/carbon (7.5 lbs), The Standard model, fully carbon fiber (5.8 lbs), and the Ultralight, weighing in at only 4.9 lbs.  These cases, truly a marvel to use and look at!  These cases are made in Croatia and the top cello celebs use these.  Once you use one of these cases, you will be a happier cellist!  No more achy joints carrying your case, but really great protection and hard wearing cases.  Our prices are extremely competitive, so please call for price which we can only give over the phone.  Free domestic shipping included. Starting at $1,490
Cello Flight Case Tuff-Lite makes a case that is meant as a touring/travel case. It is heavier but that is because they are made to "check" under the plane with the rest of the luggage. Can be used for every day use as well. (Approximately 20 lbs.)

Also comes with a super thick, heavy duty protector shell cover (included in price.)