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Gewa Air 3.9 Cello Case, $1,194

When we first saw the new Gewa Air 3.9 cello case, it was love at first sight!  You wouldn't think anyone could get this excited and enamored with just a cello case, but this is not just an ordinary case! These cases, all made in Germany, are made with the newest cutting edge technology.  Up until the Gewa Air 3.9, cases were made with composite material (like fiberglass, carbon fiber or the like).  Then and mostly now, cases are made by laying the material in a mold, infusing some resin and then the next day the case body part is pulled from the mold.  These cases though use multiple molds.  This new technology is called "Thermoplast".  (See the video that highlights the Gewa factory and how they make these cases below.)

Gewa Cello Case Air 3.9

With the new Gewa Air 3.9, they use two molds:  One mold is just a fraction smaller than the other, whereby they sandwich the part forms together for a super strong unit. More than anything, they are very affordable and VERY lightweight. For a cello player, weight is everything!  (Just carry a heavy cello case for one block from the parking garage and you will get the 'religion' pretty quickly).Gewa Cello Case Free Shipping

The case aptly called "Air 3.9", is just that:  It is 3.9 kilograms which in pounds translates to 8.58 lbs.  The first question cello players will often ask is "how much does it weigh and does it have wheels?"  Well, funny enough, the one particular factor (weight) often takes care of the need for the other. So, because these cases are already so light, you really don't need wheels, nor does anyone ever miss them on this case.  Really, with all the pained engineering and design to these (space aged) cases, there is no real need for wheels when you have a case (even with a cello inside) that is this light.  Note that we do offer other brands that have wheels (look at the Janson, Bobelock or even some BAM cases).  While the Gewa cases are pretty new, we can already tell that they will surely take over the market in any case out there below $1,500 (even more really.)

Please watch this phenominal video that actually shows the process of how they make these cases:

Gewa Cello Case 3.9

So what makes these new Air 3.9's so good and how and why are they better than other cases?

Gewa Air 3.9 checklist:

  • Made in Germany, quality!

  • Super new thermoplast technology, 'sandwiched' case shells that are made to fit together perfectly and then because of this make the absolute strongest case out there.  8.58 lbs!

  • Extremely high break-resistance

  • Outstanding insulation, (company brags about 0.025 W/mK thermal conductivity, which means it keeps the cello cool in the summers and warmer in the winters

  • A bargain price for this quality!  When you see and hold this case, you will  recognize immediately how much nicer the case is when compared to anything else.  Everything is super clean and everything just closes and fits together incredibly so.

  • It has this nice aluminum strip down the middle of the front of the case that will keep scuffing down to a mininum and protects the finish. (No other cello cases has this.)

  • The handle, latches and fittings inside and out are super heavy duty (nothing flimsy on this case!)

  • The weight! 8.58lbs. I know....we already wrote that here, but it is worth noting it again because there is no other cello case like this one that is so nice, made so well and that functions so perfectly.

These cello cases are the best and both professionals and amateurs alike buy them.  They are affordable, well made and are on a very high, professional level.

Gewa Air 3.9 comes in Black with either black, blue or burgundy interior colors.  Also includes Grey (black int), red (black int), White (black int), White (blue int), Beige (black int), Orange! (black int), Brown (black int), Purple (crazy popular!), with black int, Light blue (black int)

Order the Gewa Cello Air 3.9, $1,194  (click here for the sale price!)

Color Selections:

(Click on any photo for a larger, more detailed image.)  Sorry for any inconvenience.  We're are updating our site and adding high definition photos of the new Air 3.9 Cello cases.  Thank you for your patience!