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Spirocore Upright Bass (Stark) E Strings

Spirocore Stark strings are the heavy gauge version of Thomastik's famous medium bass strings.  While the most popular Jazz bass string still, is the Medium Spirocores, the heavier gauge can work well when you need extra sustain or power on the lower half of your bass. There are a couple of good ways to review or check-off on whether you need or will benefit on this string:

First, make sure your sound post is in the optimum position so that you can get the most out of your bass.  Often making that E really come out by moving the post,  might  cause the rest of the bass set up to suffer: Loosing power or sustain in the rest of the 3 strings.  So first, check that post.  Then if you are still unhappy with the E, adding a stiffer E string can accommodate that (weak) trait in your bass.

If you already have a Spirocore medium or Weich E string and you can surely hear and feel that the E string 'tapers' off too much (when compared) to the other 3 strings, then you might be a good candidate for the heavier ("stark" gauge E string.  Also, similarly a likewise change to the A string as well.  Some players will put the whole set on their bass so that the string tension is more even across the bass.  This is strictly up to the player, his playing style, and the bass.  Only trial and error will tell what the best way will be.

The Spirocore E (stark) heavy gauge string will add more power, depth and sustain, especially if the player already uses Spirocore mediums and still feels that the E string lags behind the rest of the strings.  Order some Thomastik Bass strings.