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Upright bass rent to own?

If you rent a student upright bass or just thinking about it, you're bound to run into the 'rent to own' or 'renter's equity' ruse. While I am not sure when or how this all started, it seems to be more of an expected industry norm these days. Basically, the premise is that while you rent, a portion or percentage of your monthly rental can be applied towards the actual purchase of that instrument or in the end, another brand new one. At first, it seems like a good idea, but if you start doing the math...you'll see, it won't pass the smell test. We've heard all sorts of stories. (Some of them really incredulous). When one student's mother asked a shop owner about which bass they'd be able to buy, the owner told her, that it would be "the one he chose for her!" What? Are you kidding me? Most of the time though, the bass in the end, is so over inflated that whatever 'equity ' you think you are getting, is lost in an unacceptable upright bass, that is just marked up...way up.

Here's our upright bass, rent to own plan:

Most of the time, those that rent basses, rent fractional 1/4 or 1/2 basses. By the time the student or player needs a bigger 3/4 size bass, they've quickly out grown that smaller bass and don't need to buy it. Case in point: How often do growing kids need new shoes?

We like to keep it really simple: If you're renting an upright bass from the String Emporium and you are ready for that upgrade or bigger bass, take off 15% of whatever the new price is. If you buy a nice, Thompson Standard RM-100, (the price being $1,350), you can take off, $202.50. Not bad! If you decide to get say...an Emile Gillet bass for $2950., take off more than $442 etc....

Again, renting a bass from us, you get a great bass, (in top condition) , a cover, and bow, that is set up on a professional level, for only $50 a month and in the end, you still get a 15% discount on whatever bass you later buy. No gimmicks or 'fuzzy math".