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Jazz Bass Method Books, Walking and Latin Bass Lines

This is the 2nd page of our upright bass jazz bass method books which we also include books on walking bass lines, improvisation as well as books on Latin music. 

  Book  Description Price

The Bass Tradition by Todd Coolman.
This book by well known player and educator Todd Coolman, offers a nice historical perspective with 36 transcribed bass solos of the famous, historic school of bassists.  Just a small sampling include solos by Jimmy Blanton, Milt Hinton, Ron Carter, Eddie Gomez, Red Mitchell, Ray Brown as well as many more players.  With each player and set of solos, Mr. Coolman offers an informative historical background and bio of each and how they fit into the schools playing and tradition.  A very well written and informative book.  The book is arranged  in approximate order of the player's place in history and contribution to bass soloing.  For any serious student of jazz bass young or old, this is a must book.

Bass soloing book.




The Bottom Line by Todd Coolman

(a walking bass lines book)

This book also by Todd Coolman covers walking bass lines.  The book is nicely laid out in chapters starting simply with basic chord nomenclature: a chord symbol, the chord and the scale used.  The concise book includes "scaler" approach to bass lines, chomaticism, intervals (with fingerboard charts to visualize), modal lines, playing in different meters etc..  It's a good book to include for serious players wanting to be the best at walking bass lines.


The Michael Moore Bass Method by Michael Moore. 
This book is for beginners.  It includes photos of bass posture, left hand and right hand posture and technique.  This book is similar to the Simandl method which starts in half position and moves up the neck incrementally.

Melodic Playing in the Thumb Position

This is a good book and more for advanced  players. Michael Moore (one of the most melodic players), has a simple and easy approach to thumb positioning and soloing with his "target notes".  He covers all major, minor and a cool chapter with diminished chords.  This comes with a CD and lots of examples for soloing on popular standard tunes.


Building Jazz Bass Lines by Ron Carter.

(a walking bass lines book)

Includes a play along CD.  This is a good book (especially for beginner players).  Mr. Carter includes blues in every key with written examples and also a chapter about playing in one position (including open strings) which if anyone is a fan of Ron Carter, is one of his trademark sounds.


The Music of Oscar Pettiford, 80 (Transcribed) Bass Solos by Volker Nahrmann.

(Transcriptions book only)

If you are a fan of Oscar Pettiford, this is a must have book to include in your studies.


Walking In The Footsteps of Paul Chambers transcribed by Rob Gourlay.

This a straight bass lines transcriptions page of the legendary Paul Chambers.  It includes the first chorus of 24 standard tunes that were transcribed from actual recordings.  The discography of these tunes are found in the back of the book.  If you are a fan of Paul Chambers and want to study him more, this an excellent source.

(a walking bass line transcriptions book.)


Walking Bassics by Ed Fuqua.

(a walking bass lines book)

This is a nice little book that includes lots of written examples and a good, solid approach by Mr. Fuqua.  I like it because it also includes some of the little stylistic touches such as pedal tones, "target" notes, repeated notes etc..  Also comes with a play along CD.


Concepts for Bass Soloing by Chuck Sher and Marc Johnson.

Another good book from Sher Music, comes with 2 play along CDs.  I like this book because its well thought and the exercises in it are based on typical 2, 4 and 8 bar chord progressions and phrases.  A very involved book and worth having for anyone at any level.  (Includes recording of March Johnson soloing on each exercise.)

Book on bass soloing.


The Improvisors Bass Method by Chuck Sher

Includes tons of transcribed solos by famous players.  This is another well developed book by Mr. Sher.  It shows scales, rhythmic patterns and syncopation and note (fingerboard) charts which helps "visualize" the repeated scale patterns on the bass. (218 pages)

Another book on bass soloing.


The True Cuban Bass by Carlos Del Puerto and Silvio Vergara. Includes 2 CDs.  This is a good detailed book with the various latin grooves and everything in between.  Danzon, Bolero, Mambo, Rumba, Guaracha.  It as tons of transcribed lines and examples given which can be played with and listened to in the enclosed CDs.  If you want to learn about Latin bass lines, this book and the Latin Bass Book by Oscar Stagnaro is a great place to start.  (63 pages)


The Latin Bass Book by Oscar Stagnaro. Berklee College teacher and bassist with Paquito D'Rivera documents the Latin school of bass playing with this book of 261 pages.  This book also comes with 3 CDs.


Arcology, the Music of Paul Chambers Volume II by Jim Stinnett. This is a book of transcribed bass solos of PC, with a bow! It includes What Is This Thing Called Love, September in the Rain, Stompin At The Savoy, What Can I Say Dear?, Walkin (blues), Green Dolphin St, Winter Wonderland, P.C. Blues etc...  (24 pieces altogether and a discography for the transcriptions in back of the book.  A good book to really study how he bowed solos.  

Andy McKee Bass Book JB-125

Andy McKee is a professional bass player and teacher. Here is a simple, common sense approach, 101 Upright Bass Tips.
Andy McKee Bass Book JB-126

A nice jazz bass method book by Andy McKee.
 "Bass on Top" includes a comprehensive left hand approach, with fingerings on many standard tunes.
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