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'Scratch and Dent' Cello Cases, $315 with Free Shipping

We're sorry, but these cases are all sold out. 

Each and every cello case that we ship at String Emporium is completely checked beforehand to insure total perfection in every way. During our pre-shipping inspection, we might occasionally  find one that has a small hairline scratch somewhere on it.

Even though we title this page 'Scratch and Dent', out of thousands of new cello cases, we've never really seen one with a dent!  (The hard fiberglass material that these cello cases are made of, don't really dent.)  Again, because of our committment to great customer service and our promise and reputation for excellence to all our customers, we only want to send and ship, a PERFECT case.

In the normal life of a cello case they will eventually be covered with superficial (light), hairline 'usage' scratches and lots of scuff marks:  For example, you slide your case into your car against a metal seatbelt, you knock into the door jam on the way out to a rehearsal, you bump into your fellow cello player's case, etc... small, every day kinds of use that while the case will still look nice, up close, you might see that bump mark or scratch.  No big deal, and quite honestly something that every cello case, of any price range will endure with every day usage, almost immediately.  We consistantly see really quite expensive $2,500 cello cases come in to our shop covered with all sorts of bangs and scuff marks. While my Mom would say it gives it 'character', on a cello case, (even the first week), is virtually unavoidable. By the way, most scuff marks are easily removed with all sorts of available store bought solvents: Citrisolve, Acetone (use sparingly, almost dry), Alcohol...or some agent that promises to remove sticky tape adhesives (like "Goo Off").  Acetone is the stongest, but be careful: Use rubber gloves and sparingly.

Most all of these cello cases that we sell as "2nds" will have a small, insignificant, tiny mark or scratch on it.  No ugly or unsightly or badly scratched cases.  Most all of these, still look prefectly brand new...just not perfect and so then we discount!

Here's a few examples.  Simply clicking on each photo will bring you to a larger image to view:

Cello Case Cello Case Cello Case

So while these Janson cases are all new, otherwise perfect in every way, we might find one with a superficial nick or scratch.  Here below, we show a few cases that have the sort of mark on it that might be designated, 'Scratch and Dent'.  Again, no dents usually, just a little mark here or there.  As a parent and shop owner, the minute these teenagers roll out of our shop and into the parking lot, I can guarantee they will put a scruff mark, or scratch by week's end, if not immediately.  These cello cases are new in every way and aside from a little mark 'here or there' it is not a big deal and nothing that won't happen pretty quickly on its own.  Therefore, these are fantastic bargains for $315, including the FREE shipping.  Here's a few random cello cases, just to give a realistic example of what we mean here.  We cannot pre-photogragh each and every case, but again, we can say that the case you order and that we ship, will be very superficial which most all (customers) will not care about or will even notice.  This is why they are such a good buy. 

If by some chance you found this page without first seeing our new Jansen Cello Case page, please click on the cello case link to see the exterior and interior colors and more information.

About stock and inventory: 
After thousands of cello cases, we pretty much have one or two of every color to choose from here. 

9 Colors To Choose From:

  • Tuxedo Black w/ burgundy interior
  • Burgundy w/ burgundy interior
  • Navy Blue w/ navy interior
  • Royal Blue w/ grey interior
  • Emerald Green w/ grey interior
  • French Red w/ black interior
  • Silver Grey w/ black interior
  • Ivory White w/ burgundy interior
  • Purple Lavender w/ grey interior  Not shown yet, but we will update this one soon. Click  Purple Cello Case color to see the exterior color swatch. Purple/Lavender cello case color here where we show the exterior color shade of the case.)

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