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Shen SB200 Upright Bass

We're quite pleased with the new, Shen SB200 upright bass.  They are well made, very attractive and a nice nice size to please just about every bass player out there that needs a good quality bass, for an affordable price.  The Shen SB200 has a flat back style construction with a very strong "X" bracing across the middle to lower back that helps it hold up over time.  The 'X' style bracing had become popular in the Al Jackstadt basses because rather than using the old style horizontal (left to right) parallel back bracing. Here there is one broad reaching 'X' across most of the back and covering more area.  This keeps the bass back more stable and stronger throughout, whereas the old style, horizontal braces can sometimes allow the back to come in (or sink ) inward. The 'X' keeps the bass from less de-stablization through aging or wood shrinkage.  So again, the 'X' bracing works well here.

Willow wood?  Willow, which is a softer wood than maple, is also way cheaper in material cost.  Most all want the attractive maple for bass backs and ribs and the price differential is pretty significant in that one can get a very nice, well made instrument for a more affordable price.  We're seeing too, that while willow is an attractive wood (and cheaper), it holds nicely and is reliable over time in these basses.

Photos here can be clicked for larger image:

Shen Willow SB200 Back Shen Willow SB200 Scroll  

Our set ups.  We know how to do bass set ups here!  We won't over plane (or 'scoop') the ebony fingerboard on your bass.  This is truly an artform in that with just a slight, graceful camber, a player should be able to play hard (with bow or pizz) and not have to deal with annoying buzzes or string 'clack' against the ebony fingerboard.  A bass is actually a lot different than a violin or cello in that the string tension on the smaller instruments (per sqaure inch) are higher in tension so that the string barely needs any room to oscillate.  A bass, with its looser string (and wider vibrating space near the board) requires a slight accomodation with this, without over scooping or then making the string 'feel' too high in the middle playing registers where we do most all of our playing.  With every bass revealing its playing personality to us as the set up process continues, we then start to make accomodations to the bass, string height and fingerboard so that the bass can be played hard, but with minimum left hand exertion and effort:  Makes for an 'easy' neck to play on and a nice full sounding bass at the same time.

Email us for our currecnt stock and pricing or call us, 480-785-5491 (800-600-2689)

 Also, please visit our Amazing Bass Packaged Deals page so that if and when you are getting ready to order a bass from us, you can preview the many options we offer for upgrades, covers, bows or pickups that we only offer with a new bass at time of purchase.  One last note about bass tryouts:  We ship basses all over the planet.  Even with shipping costs, it's way worth the overall savings to pay to ship a bass out.  Customers get one week (you will probably know within the first hour!) and shipping is super easy and painless.  We usually ship the Shen SB200's in our nice flight case so that the bass is able to maintain the same set up and opitmum playablity that we achieve here at the shop.