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Upright Double Accessories, Rock stops, string winders, cleaners and polish, stand lights

This section of upright bass accessories is dedicated to the little things that we need or use with the bass, or need to replace or upgrade to, like end pins, 'rock-stops' or bow quivers. We only sell the items that we find totally useful and as usual, the highest quality for whatever item you may need or be looking for.

Item  Description Price
Heriba Bass String Winder BA-008

Heriba Bass String winder. We use these string winders here all the time. They wear very well and will hold up for years of use. After using one of these, you'll never put bass strings on without one again!
Choice Products Mic Holder BA-008A

Choices Products microphone holder.  Here's a nice product that holds a microphone at the bass' tailpiece (drops into the hole) and comes in 3 wood choices: Poplar, Maple and Walnut.  (Maple is shown here.) 

Click on photo to see larger image in Walnut.
Wood Choices:

Soft latex rubber tubes for French Bass bows.  Read more about bass bow rubber tubes here.  Comes two in a package. Black color, thin rubber.

Sure Stop 'rock stop' BA-009

Sure Stop.
This is a good, cheap, rubber endpin stopper. Otherwise known as a 'rock stop'. It keeps your bass from sliding and will keep from putting holes or marks in the floor with your sharp endpin.
Wolf Endpin Ball BA-009A

Wolf Endpin Ball.  A popular endpin ball (stopper) that attaches to the bottom tip of your endpin.

Click on photo for close up of how it attaches and works.

Threaded Endpin Ball BA-0009AX

Threaded Endpin Ball.  Here's a new rubber endpin ball, similar to the one above. This one a tad easier to put on and use than the Wolf (above) as it simply screws on the same endpin threading as the old, rubber crutch tip did.  For 10mm endpins which fit most all German and Chinese endpins.

Click bass endpin ball video to see how it works.

"The" Black Hole" endpin stopper BA-009B

The Black Hole.
This is cool end pin stopper. It is obviously more money than the Sure Stop (shown just just above), but is smaller and works better. It's made out of a special kind of rubber (Dycem) that lasts longer and grips unbelievably well.
Xeros Endpin Stopper BA-009C

Xeros Bass Endpin Anchor attaches to chair or stool leg (fully adjustable length).

double bass dampit humidifier BA-010A 

Gewa Bass "Dampit" Humidifier
These are the new (and only) bass humidifier you can get and hang in your bass now.  They are the same exact length as the old (original) Bass Dampit, with a slightly smaller diameter.  We got to try them out this last winter and we were quite pleased that they worked just fine.

See the page we have that explains what these are and how to use them.

Kostein's Bass Cleaner and Polish BA-010

Kolsteins cleaner and polish kit. Kolsteins polish is still one of our favorites here. It has a dependable quality and most bass varnishes (really "like" this stuff.) The cleaner is strong and should be used sparingly

Pirastro String Oil.  This oil is for gut strings (not metal) and used to keep the string from drying out and/or premature wear.

Mighty Bright Duet BA-011

Mighty Bright Duet Stand light. The new duet stand light gives a lot of light with the 2 adjustable 'goose neck' type stems. These clip on the music stand (or where ever you want to clip it) and can be great in dark rooms where you need to read music or chord changes. Takes only 3 AAA batteries. (inlcuded). The light in nice and small and easily fits into our Tuff-Bag cover's rosin pocket.
Mighty Bright Orchestra Light BA-012

The Mighty Bright Orchestra Light. This a nice, new stand light. It can be plugged directly into an outlet (comes with adaptor) or runs on 3 AAA batteries. This is one bright light! In fact, we've noticed that orchestra musicians that do lots of pit work are buying these lights because they are usually brighter (more white than yellow light) than a typical stand light they have to use. It has 9 LEDS of brightness and two brightness levels. It also has a good, adjustable goose neck, and comes with a nice carrying case. If you do pit work, or have to play in dark conditions a lot, this is a good light to have in that you can take it with you and be confident that where ever you go, you'll have the right light and don't have to worry about plugging it in.
Bass Wolf Eliminator BA-013

Wolf Eliminator

(click photo for larger image)

This is a wolf note (suppressor) or as is comely called Eliminator. They don't really eliminate a wolf as much as they change the fregquency response and balance. Read more about bass wolf notes.

We offer in 5 weights:  16, 18, 20, 22, 24 (often at the SE workshop, we use a 20 or 22 gram). The weight can be turned around (so as not to show the slit.) These tend to work better than the knobbed adjuster style and are far more attractive looking.

Select Weight:



Upright Double Bass Stand BA-014
SE "Scroll" Bass Stand

Sorry, this is temporarily sold out.

Here's a our solid, custom made bass stand.  These are beautiful and very well made. Click here to go to the dedicated bass stand page to see this one close up.


K&M Upright Bass Stand BA-015

(click photo for larger image)

K & M Upright Bass Stand (in solid black color).  These are super solid and great to take to gigs where space is limited during breaks etc... Folds up very nicely.

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