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Tuners & Metronomes by Korg and Intelli

When it comes to the best quality tuners and metronomes, those still made by either Korg or Intelli, are clearly the best quality and best buy for your money. You may compare and find some off brand at $10 or $15 cheaper in price, but we've found that they just don't hold up nearly as long as these two time proven brands. We offer the most useful and practical gadgets for the player here. Most will like the metronome combination tuners (that play tones as well as function as a metronome all in one box. 

What to look for.  Here we offer two nice combo metronome tuners.  Both the Intelli 801 and Korg TM-60 will function as a tuner where you can play a note and it will show on screen whether you are flat or sharp, but they also will both play 12 chromatic 'pedal' notes.  This is a great aid for players that want to work on that one tricky passage (for intonation) or to even use it as an intonation aid, by playing a pedal tone and then practicing scales and arpeggios along with the tuner's pedal note.  Both the Intelli and the Korg come with an interior speaker.

Intelli 801 Metronome/Tuner

KorgIntelli  MT-801 Tuner/Metronome with digital hygrometer!
plus shipping

The new Intelli MT-801 is quite a substantial metronome/tuner combination.  It has an 88 Tone Generator, Chromatic Tuner, Metronome range 30-252BRM, with 9 beat patterns.  Takes 3 triple A batteries.

What we like the most about this tuner is that it has the added plus of showing the current temperature and humidity.  As bass players, we are always concerned about humidtiy issues and it's quite nice to be more aware of how dry the air is at times.  Comes with a nice mirco cloth storage pouch.

Korg Clip-On Tuner

KORG AW-LT100B Clip On Micro Tuner
plus shipping

One of my favorite little tuners that easily fits into the palm of your hand.  You can clip it on the tip of the bridge and check your tuning in just a few seconds. (I like to use this one just before the orchestra tunes together.)   Goes into your front pocket. The tuner works even when everyone else is playing blasting on stage because of the direct contact on your bass. These are made for tuning quickly and will work more easier than an Iphone and you won't ever have to worry about it 'ringing' during your performance!


Korg TM-60 Metronome Tuner

Korg TM-60
plus shipping

Another good tuner/metronome and for the money! Has LCD tuner with built-in metronome, chromatic tuning function. Has 12 rhythm patterns. Uses only 2 AAA batteries.  We only offer these in black.