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Upright Double Bass Accessories, End-pins, Tailpieces, Bow Quivers, Bass Wheels etc...

This section of upright bass accessories is dedicated to the little things that we need or use with the bass, or need to replace or upgrade to, like end pins, 'rock-stops' or bow quivers. We only sell the items that we find totally useful and as usual, the highest quality for whatever item you may need or be looking for. 

 Click on any photo here and you will be taken to a larger image and more detailed description.

Item Description Price
 Upright Bass Wheel UBW-1  (Free USA Shipping On This Item)

String Emporium brand, Upright Bass Wheel. See dedicated  (Click on photo for  more detailed information upright bass wheel)

These only come in the traditional, 10mm endpin shaft size.

Now in stock! 
Bass Buggie BBG-01 (Free USA Shipping On this Item)

Bass Buggie, without pad.  Bass sits at bottom of bass (rib side).   See dedicated page we have for this "Bass Buggie"

(Also click photo here to read the pamphlet.)

Bass Buggie BBG-02 (Free USA Shipping On this Item)

Bass Buggie (same as above) but with the pad.
Upright Bass Chair Stool BC-001

A good folding and adjustable bass stool. 
These are specially imported from Japan and are extremely durable and popular with our professional bass players.
(See bass stool)


Ulsa Premium End Pin BA-001

'Ulsa' Premium quality bass end-pins
are made in Germany and still remain the best made and hardest wearing end pins in the world.
(Click on photo for more detailed information)
New Harmony Bass Endpin  BA-001A

New Harmony bass endpin. 
Comes in real 24k gold or stainless steel. The one here pictured is stainless steel, comes with solid, 1/2" graphite shaft, with removable rubber ball.  More choices for New Harmony Bass endpins here on this dedicated page.

Also, click photos for larger images.
New Harmony Hollow Endpin BA-001B

This is the same exact New Harmony endpin as shown above (BA-001A), but with a hollow shaft
, instead of the solid type, also with removable ball (not pictured.) This photo also shows the tip after rubber ball is removed.
Which endpin should you get?  We have a dedicated page for all the New Harmony endpins, with photos and explanations on the differences/advantages.
Not seeing the New Harmony endpin that you're looking for?  We have a huge page dedicated to their endpins and parts here.
Laborie Adjustable Bass Endpin BA-001BC

Adustable "Laborie" endpin,
by New Harmony, solid graphite shaft with removable ball end. This "angled' endpin, is adjustable.  Please refer to the New Harmony endpin page to read more about these and more choices.
Chinese endpin BA-002

Good Chinese endpin.

For the money, a very good, affordable endpin.
(Click on photo for more detailed information)
Ulsa End Pin tip  BA-002A

German made, rubber replacement tip.  This is the screw on, threaded type and fits the Deluxe Ulsa endpins that we sell and just about every other 10mm endpins out there.

  New Harmony rubber ball end.  This fits the same 10mm threaded size as the above German "crutch tip" style.  Please look on our bass accessories page 2.  
Kolstein Upright Bass Bow Quiver BA-003 (Comes in Black or Brown color)

Kolstein Bow Quiver.

These are good thick quivers that will not flap around or close up on you after years of use!  Making it easy to stow your bow into, while playing.  For some larger images, see and read our bass bow quiver page.
Bow Quiver Color:
Premium Ebony Bass Tailpiece BA-005

Ebony Bass Tailpiece

(Click on photo for more detailed information)
Stainless Steel Braided Tailpiece wire BA-007

Tailpiece wires and crimps.

(Click on photo for more detailed information)
Adjustable Tailpiece Wire BA-007G

Adjustable Tailpiece Cord
(see our review page here).   These are great for dialing in on the 'tuning' of your bass response.

Velvet tailpiece cord.
This cord feels like the old gut tailpiece wires and allow a little more freer motion on the bass bridge. (Bass bridges rock from side to side when plaid.) Some basses really "like" these and it can open the sound up more. This is the 60 cm length.


Quantity :

Velvet tailpiece cord.
Same as above, but longer. This is the 80 cm. (Better to error on too long than not long enough!)


Quantity :

Tourte Mute.  A rubber bass mute by Tourte.






Quantity :

Rubber Bass Mute. It appears to be exactly like the above Tourte in size and weight. Just has no brand.  Works fine!



Quantity :

Heavy Duty 'Ultra' Bass Practice Mute.  The staff here calls this the "Bear Claw" mute.  It is not meant for actual performance, but is meant as a practice mute (marriage saver!).  You will still hear the bottom of the bass throughout the house, but it cuts quite a bit of sound.  It's also great if you are practicing certain bowing techniques (like quick spiccato or detaché) because it allows the player to hear more of the attack on the string without any extraneous noise or sounds from the bass.  This way, it will help concentrate and hear if the attack on the string is clean.



Quantity :
 Bass String Winder BA-007F

Fast, "Power" String Winder by New Harmony. This comes with a nice octagonal steel stem that goes directly into a power drill.  (Don't go full speed, and keep it straight.)

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