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Thompson Hybrid Upright Bass

Here are the new, Thompson Hybrid upright basses:  A plywood bass, but with a hand carved, quality spruce top.  Our new Hybrid model (RM-200) uses the same model (size) as our popular RM-100 plywood basses, but now with the new carved top, that offers a wider tonal spectrum and response.  Hybrid upright basses our built for many reasons. While they give the unquestionable security of a plywood bass, they sound convincingly close to a good, fully carved upright.

Because of the overwhelming demand, we only offer the Hybrid RM-200 bass in the hand oil varnish.  All of the Hybrid basses come with the upgraded tuners as shown in our photos.

See the new Thompson Bass Videos!  (Because of the type of lighting and brightness used on the videos, always refer to photos shown here for varnish texture and color accuracy.)

$2,185 for the Thompson Hybrid Upright Bass, RM-200.  Includes standard cover, strings of your choice, plus our full luthiers set up, with Delrin bridge adjusters.  (See checklist in the lower half of the page.)

For larger, detailed (more beautiful) photos, just click any photo shown here:

Thompson Hybrid Upright Bass, oil varnish Thompson Hybrid Upright Bass, oil varnish
Thompson Hybrid Upright Bass, oil varnish Thompson Hybrid Upright Bass, oil varnish

Who buys a hybrid upright bass and why?  At first I thought that people only bought a 'hybrid' style bass because they didn't have enough funds to get a carved bass.  We've come to realize and learn that there are all sorts reasons behind the decision to acquire a Hybrid. For one, they simply sound great and again, the price is right!  Additionally though they make great basses for the seasoned professional, that still needs the sound that is closer to what he (and his colleagues) are accustomed to, but with the plywood sides and back, require less attention and care for every day work habits: Playing out doors (or closer to the 'elements'), the constant banging in and out of cars to gigs and all around town etc... Again, the price is still very attractive for a good sounding, durable bass, but many working bassists purchase these. For discriminate orchestra teachers, this is also the ideal bass for schools that have the budget for more or better basses: More sound, more quality tone, and again, can withstand the everyday use (and abuse) of the daily demands of school.  Read what what our customers say on the Thompson testimonials page.

Why buy from us? We offer the best quality basses and at the best prices on the planet! We specialize in the upright bass and our hard earned reputation for quality, perfection, hours of set up work and our individualized attention to each and every customer (including our guarantee and warranty) is unrivaled.  There's more too: We now have a nice promotion for anyone buying any new bass from us.  It's also been our experience, that many people buying a new bass often need some key accessory: Many top students not only need a new bass, but they are in need a good bow to match it, or even something like a pickup or upgraded bass case.  See our Amazing Bass Packaged Deals link for more information.  If you do not see the combination you have in mind (we don't list or post every price), just call or email for the sale price.

Bass measurements: 3/4 model: The upper bouts (width of the shoulders) are 19 1/2", the lower bouts are 26", the back is 43 3/4" and the string length 41 1/8".

Hybrid Upright Bass Checklist:

  • solid, hand carved, aged Spruce top
  • beautiful, well made, maple and spruce, specially imported European veneers
  • our own heavy duty (upgraded)  individual Chinese tuners
  • solid, 10mm, cork lined endpin (new and improved!)
  • real ebony purfling
  • high quality ebony fingerboard
  • High quality maple bridge, Delrin® bridge adjusters included!
  • cover included
  • full professional set up
  • our unparalleled, 2-year all inclusive new upright bass warranty

We can either ship these in our new (3-ply heavy duty cardboard crating) fully insured or ship it air cargo in a Tuff-lite flight case. Whichever method of shipping, the bass can be returned if it does not meet your highest expectations and without any restocking fee or hidden charge.  More information on how we ship basses out for trial (no need for sight unseen/as) is purchases.

For more information you can call or email us at basses@stringemporium.com