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K&K Golden Trinity Bass Pickups

At first glance all of the upright bass pickup systems that K&K offer are really different combinations of their single pickups, mixed, then put into one line.  The first combination here is the Golden Bullet Bass Microphone with their Double Twin Big pickup and their Golden Trinity Preamp/mixer.  I mean, who comes up with these names at K&K???

For ordering clarification, this system is called the Golden Trinity Double Big Twin System.  ($374 with free shipping.)

 $374 plus free shipping

It combines a microphone and the Big Twin, (single prong adhesive string pickups) and the mixer to blend the two pickups together.  Each pick up has some advantage: The microphone helps  you capture what your bass actually sounds like...coming out of the bass, plus the very direct sound of the individual tabs near each string that pick up the individual vibrations from each string on the bridge.





The next GT System we show here is the Golden Trinity Bass Max System.  It combines the Bass Max that fits in the bridge wing and the Golden Bullet microphone as well.  The only difference here is that you will be using the Max instead of the Big Twin (but both systems using same microphone).  The Max tends to sound a little less direct than the Big Twin and maybe a little warmer in sound.  The Bass Max pickup (alone) is K&K's top selling bass pickup.  The Big Twin (above) gives more individual finger attack.


$369 plus free shipping


The last pickup that we show here in the Golden Trinity series is simply, the Golden Trinity Upgrade System which is simply the same microphone and the mixer/preamp to combine with some other pickup on your bass.  You can even plug in another brand as well.  Say you already have a nice Fishman Full Circle or Gage Realist and you want to combine it with the K&K microphone.  Then, getting the Upgrade part here would make sense so that you can combine the two cords into one line and mix and combine what you like.  Microphones definitely add a different sound and dimension to the over all amplified sound of an upright bass.  If you bow a lot, a microphone will tend to sound better since you will be amplifying the tone and "outward" sound as it ALL comes out of your bass, rather than the vibration that is only being picked up from your bridge.  This is why most pickups (piezo) style, tend to be built more on picking up direct vibration from the bridge or top, rather than the tone coming out of the f-holes. These are pretty different in physical properties of sound and tone.


 Another good point to consider with the Golden Trinity systems is that you can mix overall sound outputs and with the preamp right there on your bass (usually the tailpiece) all you have to do is reach down to turn up or down any one line to get a different sound.  For instance, if want to bow some kind of solo, even in the same concert or performance that you otherwise do not bow on, you can quickly adjust the levels, play, then go back to your other settings.

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