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Evah Pirazzi Slap Bass StringsEvah Pirazzi Slap Bass Strings

We now offer the newest release by Pirastro, called Evah Pirazzi Slap.  These strings are very impressive and at the highest quality.  To make and offer gut strings, as well as their steel core strings and at such a high level of quality, just amazing.  While by name, one gets the quick reference to slap style playing, but many players that just love gut strings on their bass, (think jazz purists here), buy these too. 

What makes these "slap" style strings?  Evah Pirazzi Slaps come with a synthetic core E and A (silver flat wound) with the option of same in the D and G (synthetic), or they come with a pure gut D and G option as well.  They are LOW tension strings and therefore much easier to pull up (slap) against the fingerboard with a quick rebound time, which is what slap players love!  They sound great, with the purest sound available on any low tension gut/synthetic string available on any other brand.  Not cheap, but worth it.

Why did they go 'synthetic' on the E and A strings?  This makes total sense.  First, the quick, fast action required on the D and G, not as much needed on the lower strings, even though they too respond incredibly well.  They will not unwind or start to fray like as even the most expensive, high caliber pure gut E or A all eventually will do.  So you get a lot more longevity for you money here, but with a great sound and feel.  We see very little tradeoffs here with the synthetic E and A strings.

Another brand very popular with Rockabilly/Slap style players are the Innovation brand.  While Innovation strings are good and we have many satisfied customers with them, the Evah Slaps are on a different (higher) level of quality and sound.  Again, the Evah Slaps also function nicely for those after a simply gut set up to play old style jazz (think Paul Chambers here).  You cannot really do this kind of playing (jazz) as well on the Innovation brands.  The Innovations are more 'round' wound in nylon, whereas the Pirrazi Slaps are all 'flat' style wound.  Easier on the hands, less clumsy and more fundamental (focus) on the actual notes.  So the Evah Pirazzi slaps are great for any kind of slap player, or a jazz player wanting a gut set up on his bass.  Perfect for most players that want to be able to do both.  

To order these strings, please go over to our Pirastro bass string page.  There, you can order by set, or mix and match strings.