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Eurosonic bass stringsFree Shipping on Bass Strings

Just so there is no confusion about the Eurosonic bass strings, these are primarily meant for slap style, rockabilly bass playing.  The Eurosonics come in 3 gauges and listed here in order of their popularity: Light, a close 2nd, is Ultra Light and then the Mediums.

These strings are really low in tension.  If a player wanted to, he could probably bow them, but they are in no way meant for bowing.  They are made with an inner braided core of silk and metal, with a nylon tape winding.  They are all white in color. 

Also offering their new Tungsten (Black) Tapewound strings.  (These we only offer by the set).  These are slightly higher tension than the above sets and have a slightly thinner diameter. 


Eurosonic Bass Strings 'Light' Eurosonics Price
EU-100 Eurosonic Light gauge set (EADG)
EU-101 Eurosonic Light gauge, G string
EU-102 Eurosonic Light gauge, D string
EU-103 Eurosonic Light gauge, A string
EU-104 Eurosonic Light gauge, E string
Eurosonic Bass Strings

'Ultra Light' Eurosonics


EU-106 Eurosonic Ultra Light gauge set (EADG)
EU-107 Eurosonic Ultra Light gauge, G string
EU-108 Eurosonic Ultra Light gauge, D string
EU-109 Eurosonic Ultra Light gauge, A string
EU-110 Eurosonic Ultra Light gauge, E string
Eurosonic Bass Strings

Medium Eurosonics


EU-112 Eurosonic Medium gauge set (EADG)
EU-113 Eurosonic Medium gauge, G string
EU-114 Eurosonic Medium gauge, D string
EU-115 Eurosonic Medium gauge A string
EU-116 Eurosonic Medium gauge, E string
Eurosonic Bass Strings Black (Tungsten) Tapewounds Price
EU-117 Black Tungsten Tapewounds


Have a question about upright bass strings?  Call or email us.