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For-Tune's Charm Upright Bass Strings

These are the new Charm upright bass strings by the China company, For-Tune.  The company is kind of new to bass strings, but they hit a home run with these.   First, about the manufacturing: well made, nice winding and very high professional quality as one would expect on the most expensive bass strings.

How do they sound and what kind of strings are they best for?  Most all players will agree that the Charm are a bowing (arco) string and not really suited for jazz type pizzicato or plucking.  To us they seem very, very close in personality, tone, response and quality, to the Pirastro's Passione (orchestra) gauge strings.  Slightly more stiff than the the Passione medium, but less so than the Passione Starks.  They are very warm and very responsive:  It doesn't take much work or pressure to get them started with the bow and if you have a brighter or edgy sounding bass, these might be the best set and the most affordable price, at about $100 less than the Pirastro strings.

Hey, The smaller sizes cost more! An explanation of pricing:  It is not a mistake that the smaller fractional sets are actually more money than the full, 3/4 size.  We asked them about this and tried to get the smaller sets down to at least be the same as the 3/4 pricing.  (Well, we could have raised up the 3/4 price too..., but that is not our style here!)

The reason that the smaller sets are more money is that the For-Tune company has to use the very expensive Tungsten cores in the A and E strings for the smaller sets.  Most think it is simple to make shorter strings, but actually, the shorter lengths can make the string play with less tension, thereby altering the original character of the longer (3/4) string.  To keep everything then the same, they have to use the more expensive Tungsten alloy core for the 1/4 and 1/2 sizes to get them all uniform in sound to the larger, more common sets.  This way, as it should, all sizes play sound the same.  These are still a great value even for the smaller fractional sized basses.

Free Domestic (USA) Shipping for these strings!

For-Tune, Charm Price
CH-100 Charm 3/4 size set (EADG)
CH-101 Charm 1/2 size set (EADG)
CH-102 Charm 1/4 size set (EADG)

Have a question about upright bass strings?  Call or email us.