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Jargar Upright Bass Strings

Jargar (Yar-gar) is pretty well known for Cello strings, but they've also been making bass strings for years.  They're well made and of consistent quality.  The Jargars are  responsive strings, but tend to have tad bit brighter tone. Not an edgy (offensive) bright, but the kind of bright that soloists prefer on their basses.  It makes the tone pop out a bit more on the higher end.  Again....depends on the bass and the player's preferences.  They're cheap enough to try!  (A nice alternative to Helicore Orchestra or the Helicore Hybrids.)

We now offer all gauges: Medium, Light (Dolce), and Heavy (Forte).  Also, for those needing the long E  (C extension) strings, we now offer these.  Interesting note from Jargar: While they do offer Dolce or lightweight gauge, these can also be used as solo strings, tuned up in pitch.  We've never tried the Dolce gauge as Solo strings, but it would be interesting to try! 

Also, the Dolce gauge should make for a lower tension string for those looking to give their left hand a break. (Some other players, with hand issues, also buy solo strings (like Spirocore Solo gauge) and tune them at concert pitch (EADG).

Jargar Medium Gauge Bass Strings Price
J-100 Jargar medium set (EADG)
J-101 Jargar medium, G string
J-102 Jargar medium, D string
J-103 Jargar medium, A string
J-104 Jargar medium, E string
J-105 Jargar medium, Long E string (for C extension)

Jargar Heavy (Forte) Gauge Bass Strings


J-106 Jargar Forte set (EADG)
J-107 Jargar Forte, G string
J-108 Jargar Forte, D string
J-109 Jargar Forte, A string
J-110 Jargar Forte, E string
J-111 Jargar Forte, Long E string (for C extension)

Jargar Light (Dolce) Gauge Bass Strings


J-112 Jargar Dolce set (EADG)
J-113 Jargar Dolce, G string
J-114 Jargar Dolce, D string
J-115 Jargar Dolce, A string
J-116 Jargar Dolce, E string
J-117 Jargar Dolce, Long E string (for C extension)

Have a question about upright bass strings?  Call or email us.