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Oliv Double Bass Strings  Oliv Double Bass Strings

Pirastro Olive (Oliv) double bass strings have been around a long time.  As the old saying goes, "don't fix it if it ain't broken" truly applies to these strings.  While we know that they are not the cheapest strings to buy, they truly have a purpose and place for double bass players both in the jazz and classical genres.  These strings are popular with the best players, because they are warm and allow the player blend in, rather than be an over-powering personality or presence.

They are all individually hand made:  A gut core and with tight chrome winding on every string.  The winding adds to the mass and durablity of the string.  If cared for, these strings will last a good long while. Players need to be sure that they leave a wide enough grove on the nut (most do already) and to be sure to pre-lubricate the groove with a graphite pencil tip.

While they were surely introduced as a premium gut string to classical players that still longed for a lower tension, gut string, the flat winding offers a great feel (just like any other metal string will) but so warm!  The silver winding also makes the string stronger to pressure (with the bow) so you can use a heavy bow arm.  Shifting on them, just like any other good quality metal wrapped string.  The most popular jazz set ups today that include the Olives, they will often only use the D and the G with Pirastro's Evah Pirazzi E & A strings.  Here below, you can order a whole set of the Olives, individuals or the combined special sets consisting of the popular Evah Pirazzi E &A, with both Olive D & G or just the G.
The combined Evah Pirazzi/Oliv set is a proven and popular favorite:  You will get more power on the E and A Evahs, but that super warm and easy D and G sound with the Olives. Yes, they ain't cheap, but we have by far the best prices (shop around!) , but they are the ultimate quality and match for any bass and worth the extra money.

Pirastro Oliv Gut Strings Pirastro Oliv Gut bass strings
(a gut core, with silver wrapping)
Our Price
POG-100 Pirastro Oliv full bass set (EADG)
POG-101 Pirastro Oliv Gut G String, flat silver wrapping around gut core
POG-102 Pirastro Oliv Gut D String, flat silver wrapping around gut core
POG-103 Pirastro Oliv Gut A String, flat silver wrapping around gut core
POG-104 Pirastro Oliv Gut E String, flat silver wrapping around gut core
EO-100 Pirastro Evah Pirazzi E/A & Oliv D/A set
E string gauge:
A string gauge:
EO-101 Pirastro Evah Pirazzi E/A/D with Oliv G
E string gauge:
A string gauge:
D string gauge: