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Upright Bass For Sale

This Upright Bass Café is a place that offers a very special blend of instruments: Grown and aged, some as long as 200 years!

Because of our ever changing menu, we will try to update this page as often as possible. Here you will find up to date pictures, measurements and brief descriptions of what is known about each bass that is for sale which includes upright double basses from Czech, German, French, English, Italian, Romanian and Chinese origin. For more in depth details in any particular upright bass, it is best to call or email. Please keep in mind that we ship anywhere in the USA. Looking for something full carved, but under $5,000? The Wan-Bernadels are famous and now compete with basses much higher in price. From serious amateurs to the most dedicated professional bassist....they are working with a Wan.  

We've gone through a lot of  double basses this year. A lot of them not even making it on our web site. Because of the busy turnaround, it sometimes resembles a 'bass-revolving door': Basses coming and basses going! We'll try to keep things more current here, but you can always email us from time to time and ask for any updates or give us your information about a particular bass, sound or price you need. Do you need to stay under the $3k range, and looking at Hybrids? Check out our new link of upright basses under $3,000.

Trying out an instrument from this page is easy. Because we ship so many and so often, we are able to cheaply and safely send a bass for you to try and play for a week.  No can ever be expected to buy a bass without trying it first!  Play it at home, in your own familiar environment.  This is really the way to go!

All photos on this page enlarge when clicked.

Herbert Ernest Martin, English, but made in Sidney, 1909

H.E. Martin English Bass H.E. Martin English Bass H.E. Martin English Bass H.E. Martin English Bass H.E. Martin English Bass

Martin was an English maker that modeled his basses after Fendt.   It has a hand written attribution by the maker, H.E. Martin, Sidney, 1909. (Also stampH.E. Martin English Bassed H E Martin just below the neck button on the back.)  Of all the basses that have come and gone here, this is one of the most special.  Interestingly enough, what we have so far put together on Martin is that he worked within the Fendt shop in the late 1800's and then moved (with another well known maker, John Devereux) to Australia in 1864.  It still not only has Fendt's violin outline, but also has his unique f-holes and will do anything you ask it to and more!  Want to play louder?...then just play louder! It's not just loud, it's 'full' sounding and this is what makes this one so incredibly fun to play.  It's all there ready to go.  It has a huge dynamic and response range that allows the player to play anything.  We were astonished that a bigger orchestrabass would play so easy on the quick, soft passages, like Marriage of Figaro, where the notes just come off effortlessly.  It is a 'fuller' 3/4 size and easily fits into a normal 3/4 medium cover. The string length just a tad over 42".   Here's some measurements:  The upper bouts measure 20.5, the inner (or 'C' bouts) 14.5, the lower bouts, 26" and the back measures 44.5.  So again, still within a normal 3/4 size range.  While measuring the back one can just see the incredible carved back depth.  It is truly a marvel.  Price upon request

There are more double basses here.

Gyorgy Baranyai, 2001 (Hungary)

Gyorgy Baranyai Viennese Bass Gyorgy Baranyai Viennese Bass Gyorgy Baranyai Viennese Bass Gyorgy Baranyai Viennese Bass
Gyorgy Baranyai Viennese Bass Gyorgy Baranyai Viennese Bass Thir Viennese Bass  

 Made by Gyorgy Baranyai in Budapest, 2001.  It is beautifully hand made bass with a lush varnish.  One will almost immediately notice its unique and different shape.  It is modeled and made after a typical Viennese style.  One of the biggest and most well known makers in the 18th century, Vienna, was Johannes Georgius Thir.  Like the Thir basses, Baranyai modeled his scrolls beautifully the same unique way and style that makes it very elegant.  (We have an original Thir scroll below for comparisons.) This a flat back that comes in towards the neck to make it easy to play on, has a lot of power and a unique, (professional) quality sound.   Now presently has the Spirocore strings for jazz and is in excellent condition.  The bass is of a very professional quality.  If you are a serious classical musician looking for a good 'audition' bass.  This one will work incredibly well.  It is very responsive to the touch and easy to play on.  Easy for solos and excerpts, but with a warm, quality sound.  Jazz players, won't loose out on this one either.  It has that special deep power that is very special and an incredible sustain.  I guess a good bass is just a good bass, no matter what genre it is used and played in!  You will see basses by this same maker around the country for around $13,000, but we are able to offer it at $9,500.  This bass also with the nicer, Sloane tuners. SOLD

Big Mittenwald!

Big Mittenwald Upright Bass Big Mittenwald Upright Bass Big Mittenwald Upright Bass Big Mittenwald Upright Bass

This is a nice, big, German, Mittenwald.  It just came in and will be undergoing some small, cosmetics, but is a good, healthy (and big!) instrument.  It has a carved back with outside linings on the ribs and a deep, round sound to it.  Here's some measurements: the upper bouts measure 20.75" across with sloped shoulders, the C bouts (inner) measure 15", the lower bouts, 27" and the length of the back, measure 45.5".  The string length is 42 3/8".  It has a new (fat) ebony fingerboard and bridge.  While it is big, it plays 'loose' and actually quite easy to play.   Notice the 'false nut'?  Click the close up of the scroll.)  The neck and string length was actually longer than it needed to be.  It order to make it easier to play, lowering the nut actually brought in the string length and made it a perfect 'D' neck.  (A "D" neck simply means that when playing with your index finger, the D is right at the break of the neck...where it should be.)  $8,500

Rumano Solano, Vincenzo Panormo model, 2005 (Maryland, USA)

Roman Solano Roman Solano Roman Solano Roman Solano

This is by contemporary, maker Rumano Solano who lives and makes basses in Maryland.   The upper bouts measure 21 1/2" across, the lower bouts 27 1/2" and the length of the back is 43 1/2".   The string length is a mere, 41 1/8".  Interestingly there is a gradual deepening of the ribs from the neck area that joins the bass body where the ribs are only 7 1/2" and grows gradually wider and wider through to the bottom of the bass (endpin) that comes out to 10 1/4".  For comparison, our own G.B. Rogeri basses only go out to around 8 3/4", and they are considered a normally 'full' 3/4 size bass. We measure the top of the top to the back of the back. While the Rogeri dimensions are very typical, this just shows how deep this Solano gets towards the bottom.  It is being offered here on consignment and it is in excellent condition.  While this Solano has the ordinary body length and string length of a regular, 3/4, the wideness and depth almost between 7/8 and 4/4.

It has Sloane tuners and a very deeply carved back.  One of the deepest backs one will see on a bass!  We can easily ship for an easy trial.  Has a nice, deep sound. Owner wants to sell it, $10,000 obo.

Emanuel Wilfer, 'Solo' model, Germany, 2011

Wilfer Upright Bass Wilfer Upright Bass Wilfer Upright Bass Wilfer Upright Bass
Wilfer Upright Bass Wilfer Upright Bass Wilfer Upright Bass  

We are proud to introduce 2 new very unique and special models by the maker, Emanuel Wilfer of Möhrendorf (Bavaria) Germany.  There are 3 generations of  making in the Wilfer family and these are hand made, by Rolande Wilfer.  This one is his new, Solo model in which we specially requested a lion's head scroll.  While it is called  'solo' model, is in no way limited to only solo type, (recital) playing.  I think he calls it his solo model because of the slightly more narrow shoulders and is physically so much easier to play in the upper registers.  It has a nice, deep orchestra sound and can be played in any type of genre, whether jazz or classical.  It's just a good, well made, big sounding isntrument.  It is a normal 3/4 size with the upper bouts (shoulders) measuring 19 1/2" across, the lower bouts, 26 1/4" across, the length of the back, 44" and the string length, 41 1/2".  A lions head scroll is attractive on a scroll and also adds a lot of mystique and attention.  It is what we call a 'lifer/' in that this is another great sounding bass which like other historic, (old) basses, will get passed down through future generations of  players.  How does it play?  Again, it plays 'easy'.  It doesn't take much to get the string to vibrate and physically, with the narrow (solo) type model, very easy for anyone to play over in thumb positioning. $13,500  (Shop and compare, you will usually see this level of Wilfer basses starting at $16k.)  Wilfer #2, (below)  (made with Wilfer's his old wood).  It is $12,500.  SOLD

Emanuel Wilfer, 'Prague' model, bass, Germany 2011

Wilfer Upright Bass Wilfer Upright Bass Wilfer Upright Bass Wilfer Upright Bass

This bass is Wilfer's 'Prague' model which was specially made for us at the String Emporium.  What's the story on this one?  It was Rolande Wilfer's grandfather's original model of some old, Bohemian bass that he liked.  The deeper ribs, gives this bass a deeper, cushy kind of sound when playing.  It has a jazz set up currently, and while it is super easy to play and very responsive, it's got this huge punch to it and very rewarding to play on.  Here are the measurements: the shoulders are 19 1/4" across, the lower bouts are 26 1/4", length of the back, 44" and the string length is: 41 1/4" $12,500

Jerome Thibouville Lamy, c.1890.

19th Century French Lamy Bass 19th Century French Lamy Bass 19th Century French Lamy Bass 19th Century French Lamy Bass 19th Century French Lamy Bass
19th Century French Lamy Bass 19th Century French Lamy Bass

This instrument, has had a lovely history of being played in some of the world's great orchestras and fittingly, this is another 'great', bass offered here. It was recently restored and is in beautiful condition. Although it was used pretty extensively in professional orchestra settings, it is one of those great basses that belongs wherever the player chooses to take it. It has a great punchy, clear spiccato and a well developed range. No weaknesses here: It has the classic reddish-brown (French) varnish with a beautiful flat back with the famous, "false" neck button (the French makers sometimes did this to show off the "regular" violin/cello outline, but still giving the bass an easier sloped should near the neck stand to make it easier to play on. Inside, the label reads: Jerôme Thibouville Lamy, 1890.   $24,000 obo  Be sure to click on any photo shown here for a larger, more detailed image. SOLD

Juzek upright bass?

Another 'oldie', possibly by Jan Juzek. There is some hand writing on the directly on the inside back making note of the new top that was replaced in 1934.  Flat back and gamba shaped with a nice low C-extension in it. Has a nice dark chestnut varnish on it and very articulate sounding bass. It is in great shape and also has the traditional outside linings (could be a German bass too.) The upper bouts are 20 1/2", the lower bouts 25 1/2", the back is 43" and the string length, 41".  $7,000

Old (Restoration), c.1900

Be sure to click on any photo shown here for a larger, more detailed image.
Old Upright Bass Restoration Old Upright Bass Restoration Old Upright Bass Restoration Old Upright Bass Restoration

It's rare that we ever put an instrument up here on the page that's not 100% ready for sale yet, but it is almost there and with something so beautiful, we couldn't help it! Only a couple of small things needed to be done: the neck was too far into the body, making it harder to play, so we are pulled the 'neck stand' out just a tad so that it will play perfectly. Now we'll only need to do a little touch up, new bridge and tailpiece...done! That back is beautiful!!! Update: This restoration was completed this year and is now sold!

John Osborne, upright bass, England, C.1920

John Osborne, English Upright Bass Front John Osborne, English Upright Bass Back John Osborne, English Upright Bass Side John Osborne, English Upright Bass Scroll
John Osborne, English Upright Bass violin corner John Osborne, English Upright Bass Button John Osborne, English Upright Bass

Here is a great upright bass by John Osborne and is in the true English tradition, with slightly more broader shoulders (still a little sloped near the neck for easier playing.) Inside the bass, the label reads: John Osborne, Farley Street, Leamington Spa, October 18, 1920.The measurements: 21 3/4" across the upper bouts, 26" lower bouts, 44 1/4" back, and only 41 5/8" for the string length. It is a very playable bass. At one point, this was owned by the great, Monty Budwig (jazz bassist) who passed away sometime ago and for the past 10-15 years was owned and played in a major American symphony orchestra. Sound-wise it's clear and carries well in any setting and is very versatile. (People often ask us: "What makes a great jazz bass or what makes a great classical bass?" Well, our answer is simple, "Great basses are just great basses and one should be able to play a 'great' bass in any genre." This is such a bass. Be sure to click on any photo shown here for a larger, more detailed image. SOLD

Leon Mortin double bass, Mirecourt, c.1905

Leon Mortin upright bass Leon Mortin upright bass Leon Mortin upright bass f-hole Leon Mortin upright bass side Leon Mortin upright bass back
Leon Mortin upright bass Leon Mortin upright bass side

A double bass, by Leon Mortin, Mirecourt, France (1905). One of the most awesome upright basses on the planet for sure! There is a maker's label inside which reads: Ancienne Maison Vuillaume Darte et Cunin Leon Mortin. Luthier, Mirecourt 1905), but we have seen another similar upright, which was made by Leon Fischesser-Shollet whom lived to Paris in 1905 (the same year thatitwas made.) The most striking and obvious highlight of it is the magnificent lion's head scroll carving. It is a good sized scroll and very detailed.; (Even the back of the scroll has an incredible array of the back of a lion's mane.) Everything about it breathes elegance from the scroll, to the perfect curves of the form outline and violin corners, to the perfect exquisite (Strad) style f-holes. More so than anything though is the way the it plays. It is a clear, focused instrument and very responsive which was played in major orchestras for many years. Beautifully carved back (with lots of flame!) This is a bass which you can hear 10 feet away as well as all way up in the balcony seats. SOLD

Be sure to click on any photo shown here for a larger, more detailed image.

Don't forget, there are more double basses here too.

Upright bass by Georges Mougenot

Mougenot upright bass Mougenot upright bass side Mougenot upright bass back mougenot upright bass scroll mougenot upright bass button

(Inside, the label reads: : Georges Mougenot, luthier du Conservatoire Lieg 1875)  This bass is a good sized 7/8 flat back, with the upper bouts are 21", the lower bouts 26 3/4", 44 3/4" the length of the back and with the string length, 43". SOLD

An upright bass by Johann Ullrich Eberle, circa 1775

eberle upright bass eberle upright bass sound hole eberle upright bass volute eberle upright bass top eberle upright bass top
  Eberle upright bass side Eberle upright bass back Eberle upright bass scroll  

This is a very rare bass by the maker, Johann Ullrich Eberle, circa 1750. SOLD

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Upright bass by Jacquet-Gand c.1860

Jaquet-Gand upright double bass Jaquet-Gand bass side view Jaquet-Gand upright bass (back) Jaquet-Gand upright bass scroll
Jacquet-Gand upright bass Jaquet-Gand upright bass raised edges Jaquet-Gand upright bass raised edges Jaquet-Gand upright bass f-hole

Another great French bass by Jacquet-Gand made sometime around 1860. The maker of this upright was more than likely Gabriel Jacquet (known as Jaquet-Gand for marrying into the Gand family). See the Wan-Bernadel upright basses.  A full 3/4 size bass. The upper bouts measure 20 1/8", the lower bouts 25 3/4", and the length of the back, 44" The string length is 42"  SOLD

German Upright  Bass, C.1890

German upright flat back German upright flat back side German flat back German upright flat back scroll

It has no label, though it's more than likely a German, upright bass. Circa 1890's. It has a good flat back construction which tapers off into the neck black. The bass is covered with a lovely, warm brown amber varnish. The sides and particularly the back have some nice flaming in the wood grain as well. All though it's a normal 3/4 bass, it has slightly wider upper bouts (shoulders) at 20", the lower bouts 26", back length 43" and a nice string length of 41 3/8". This upright has just recently been restored and is in fantastic shape. A very special bass! $7,500 (See more double basses for sale at the More upright Double Basses link.

L. Herclik, Koln

This was double bass made in Cologne, Germany around early to mid 1900's. It's in great condition and has a nice darker sound. It has the typical outside linings (along the outer ribs) and interesting shaped tuners (eye shaped). It has a flat back style construction which slopes inward towards the butt of the neck. It also has a new flamed neck graft. (retaining the original scroll.) The string length is only 41 3/16", the back 42 1/4", the upper bouts 21" and lower bouts 25 1/2". The slightly wider shoulders help give it a bigger, warm projecting sound. SOLD

For more information you can call or email us at info@stringemporium.com