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Upright Bass Flight Cases

We now offer 3 flight cases by Tuff-Lite: the new, light weight Ultra case (for 3/4 size basses) which average 39 lbs., the bigger Pro model, and the another new case which is specifically designed for removable neck, travel basses, called the Traveler.

  • Ultra 3/4 case, 39-41 lbs, $3,250
  • Pro model (CFK) $3,250 High Tech, 44-48 lbs,
  • Pro model, (PPG) $2,750 PG (avg weight, 55 lbs)
  • Traveler Case, (for removable neck bass) $3,450
  • Tuff-Lite Standard case (65 lbs), when available, $2,050

The new, Tuff-Lite Ultra case will be available in late late June/early July, '12.  Due to recent  advancements in composite technologies and materials, the Ultra is now the strongest case in the world and at only 39 lbs, it is the lightest as well.  (Ultra average weight, 39-41).  It is made using a new high tech blend of carbon fiber/kevlar composite material and when combined with a special heated pressurized process, makes a super strong and protective case.

The Ultra was designed so that most all 3/4 basses will easily fit and can be used with a cover or without. In this case pictured below, is with a Wilfer 3/4 Solo model bass. It also easily fits our medium, 3/4 sized Wan-Bernadel basses and most all typical 3/4 basses.  This is an incredible, highly engineered flight case. For more detailed information, photos and sizing, please visit the Tuff-Lite site.

The new, Ultra Case by Tuff-Lite... 39 lbs! (click any larger detailed photos))

Tuff-Lite Ultra Bass Case Tuff-Lite Ultra Bass Case Tuff-Lite Ultra Bass Case Tuff-Lite Ultra Bass Case
Tuff-Lite Ultra Bass Case  

The Tuff-Lite Pro model (show below) is larger than the Ultra and therefore, heavier.  The Pro is for those that have a bigger bass, like a larger 3/4, 7/8 or even 4/4.  It pretty much fits any size of bass: small to large.  Why get this one instead of the Ultra?  You may have a bigger bass or you need a versatile case that can accomodate more than one bass.  This is the size and case most orchestras use because it suits the typical orchestra sized basse, and allows them to use various sized basses that their section players may want to use.  This gives versatility while still, a very strong and light case.

The Pro case comes in two weights and prices.  The Pro-CFK (for carbon fiber kevlar) avg. weight is around 48 lbs.  The Pro-PPG, uses pre-pregged glass, which is reinforced with the very same carbon fiber/kevlar.  The average weight of these, around 55 lbs.  Both cases are exactly the same in look and dimension with the small exception in that the Tuff-Lite logo on the CFK shows the see through black carbon material.  (These cases which we ship our basses out for trials to our customers are proven 'battle tested' cases that get hard cargo treatment and they wear very well and hold incredibly so! We have sold more than a few professional symphony orchestras 'fleets' of the Pro models and a lot of very busy professional players with great success over the years.

Tuff-Lite Pro:

Tuff-Lite Pro Tuff-Lite Pro Tuff-Lite Pro Tuff-Lite Pro
Tuff-Lite Pro' Tuff-Lite Pro

The Traveler. This is the 3rd and newest case by Tuff-Lite.  As one can see, it is specially designed for those that frequently travel and want to minimize their hassles with airlines and their ever changing rules, restrictions and/or regulations with size and/or weight.  The "and/or" is most appropriate with this case because it is so versatile and easy to use.  In recent years, airlines were restricting the size, the weight and the combinations of both!  Another crazy facet of traveling with a bass (as if that alone wasn't enough!!!), is that while the airlines like to change their minds a lot, in comparison (from airline to airline) they are never the same!  For example, Delta Airlines might really be restrictive on their overall weight, United Airlines and their piece (luggage) numbers, while another airline, restrictive on size.  At this same time, the traveling upright bass player is usually expected to fly on the same airline as are his colleague musicians are flying on.  This case (the Traveler) allows some seriously needed versatility. 

Tuff-Lite Traveler Case:

Traveler, Removable Neck Bass Case Traveler, Removable Neck Bass Case Traveler, Removable Neck Bass Case Traveler, Removable Neck Bass CaseTraveler, Removable Neck Bass Case
Traveler, Removable Neck Bass Case Traveler, Removable Neck Bass Case    

A specially engineered and unique case. Here are some of the functions and different ways that this case can be used.  There are actually two parts of this case:  the body case and the neck (accessories) case.  The neck/accessory case not only slides into the body, but can be removed and shipped separately.  This will obviously lighten the weight of the overall case whole which could be the very exact restrictive hurdle needed for that particular trip and airline. Additionally, the neck/accessories case slides into the front of the body case and is locked into place by a special trapezoidal shape:  Once it slides in through the top, it is very snuggly locked into the body case.  While TL probably didn't need a latch to secure it, they do have velcor strap that will harness it, just for added (psychological) comfort.   The neck case fits very snug and really requires some effort to pull out (there is a special plastic membrane the body panel that helps pad and tighten the fit).

The body case is typical of what Tuff-Lite has done with the rest of their bass cases, using the same bungee latches, and raises the bass off of the bottom of the case (sitting on the bottom of the ribs rather then the endpin).  We think this is the best way to go in that it is far less likely to suffer any endpin block damage by elevating the bass up off the endpin.  In this case, there is room to either fly with the cover on the bass (with the neck draped over on top fo the bass body) or can be flown without the cover on.  (Weight is always part of any equation these days!)  A good Tuff-Bag Premium cover or Mooradian Deluxe will weight around 10 lbs.  (We will eventually be offering a specially made (no frills) light weight cover soon, but at this time, are not yet available.