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Velvet upright bass strings

We now sell the popular the Compas 180 strings, Velvet Compass Blue, Velvet Anima and Velvet Garbo (including the long Velvet E strings for C extension use.) We also offer their tailpiece cords: See these in our upright bass accessories page.

Velvet (Switzerland) make great strings and are more geared towards Jazz style (plucking), Bluegrass or folk style music.  We recently added the new, pure gut Garbo G strings to our selection.

Recent news about Velvet:  First, we're running low and it is not without trying really hard to always order ahead and keep everything fully up to stock as we do for all the brands.  First, they started to get slow on orders, then certain strings were not in stock.  Now, we are learning there is a good chance that they might discontinue manufacturing these strings.  In the past, we have always offered to sell individual strings, but with the crazy way things are going, we just simply cannot break up sets any longer.  Most, buy the whole sets at once and to break up what remaining sets we have, will then leave us with strange, odds and ends of loose strings.

So, while we wait (eagerly) to get more strings, we must only offer what we have here in only FULL sets.  To make it easier to order sets for players that require the C-extension strings, we package them together on this page and you can buy them as the set.

The only 'loose' single strings we can offer at this time, are Anima E strings and Anima A strings.  The reason being is that we ordered a (very) large amount of them as 'loose' strings because they are so popular and so we still have plenty of these to offer as singles.

So, what you see (below) is what we have and what is available.  When things change and they fix their re-supply issues (as we predict that they will), we will continue to offer them as we usually did (with all the singles) and as usual, at the lowest prices on the planet!

Steve's advice to all the worried Velvet string lovers:  'Get what you can while you still can for now.  If you really love the Blues, buy them now'.  Even though all the Velvets are getting harder to supply, we STILL offer them at the cheapest prices.  Again, we do have Anima single E and A's and while most would raise the prices now, we actually lowered them to $65 each and that includes free, First Class shipping.  We simply do not have any Anima G or D strings, but you can still save lots of money by buying the E/A strings here and buying the G and D elsewhere. We see that our 'loyal' competitors still have G and D's, but their singles cost $82 each.  By getting your E and A Animas here (with free shipping), you can save around $34 a set.

Velvet Compass Blue
upright bass strings
VB-100 Velvet Compass Blue, full set (EADG)
VB-105 Velvet Compass Blue long E string (for C extension)
VB-106 Velvet Compass Blue set (with a Long E) saves money when ordered here.
Velvet Anima
upright bass strings
VA-100 Velvet Anima, full set (EADG) Out of Stock!
VA-103 Velvet Anima A string, FREE shipping on these
VA-104 Velvet Anima E string, FREE shipping on these
VA-105 Velvet Anima long E string (for C extension)
Velvet Garbo
upright bass strings
VG-100 Velvet Garbo, full set (EADG)
VG-105 Velvet Garbo long E string (for C extension)
VG-106 Velvet Garbo set (with a Long E) saves money when ordered here.

Velvet Garbo Light Gauge
upright bass strings


VGL-100 Velvet Garbo Light Gauge, full set (EADG)

Velvet Compas 180 Orchestra Gauge


VC-100 Velvet Compas 180, full set (EADG)
VC-101 Velvet Compas 180, full set with E extension String
VC-102 Velvet Compas 180, Long E string (for extension)

Have a question about upright bass strings?  Call or email us.